Love And Revenge Episode 38


Lex watched from a distance as Ann was being bundled into the police van.
And then he saw Brian Nativent carrying his obviously unconscious father in his arms and rushed into the car as well.
Then the woman he learnt was Jennifer Nativent entered the car whilst wiping away her tears.
He felt for them. They didn’t deserve it. But then, there was something about this Brian of a guy that he couldn’t place his hands on.
The guy looked tough and he looked like someone who wasn’t the least concerned about the whereabouts of his daughter.
Maybe that wasn’t true. Which father on earth would not be concerned about his only daughter’s where about?
But that Brian was tough looking. Who was he?
He looked like someone who was ready to decipher anything strange that passes his nose. Was he a cop or something? Should he be wary of him?
He wondered where they were taking Ann to being handcuffed and bundled in the car, so he decided to follow them.
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Lex followed them.
It got to a point where the two cars stopped beside each other, Brian popped his head from the window and told the one of the officers in the police van something, then he drove into a street, the opposite direction.
Lex checked the signpost in the junction and it read : Midland Clinic.
And he was sure he was taking his father to the clinic.
The police van drove away and Lex quickly followed suit.
Not too long, they got to the police station and he parked far from the police station.
He watched as the officers got down from the car and practically dragged Ann from the car.
She was struggling and crying at the same time and that rewarded her a slap from one angry looking constable.
He felt a pain in his heart. He couldn’t bear watching Ann being hurt. He couldn’t.
He had to save her, one way or the other, he had to find a way to get her out of the police station, by crook or by hook.
What to do?
He couldn’t go there himself, that could cause calamity. He thought of who to call.
Then Chuks came to his mind and he immediately called him and briefed him about everything.
CHUKS: I never believed Ann could do this? I thought you said she went out?
LEX: That’s what i said before and now i’m telling you the real story. Ann is about to be locked in the police station and i don’t want that to happen and i want you to look for a way to get her out of that place, i will pay you any amount you want.
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CHUKS: I don’t get you Lex, i thought this girl brought cops to your house, snitched on you….Why do you want to get her out, that’s exactly what she deserved for snitching on you…
Lex chuckled ‘Chukky, remember what our Sunday school teacher told us in church one Sunday? He said never pay evil with evil’
CHUKS: Oh please! Ann deserves it, make she dey there jor, what even made her betray you that way, i thought you guys were getting along just fine.
LEX: We had a little misunderstanding and i….i….out of anger….told her to leave the house, but immediately she left i called her….used Heavenly as an excuse for her to come back. She promised me that she was gonna come, never knew she had something up her sleeves, but never mind dude, just get her out of there.
CHUKS: Guy, i just don’t get it! Is it love or what?
LEX: This is gratitude. And Ann loves me too. She’s just hurt that i asked her to leave, it’s not her fault, i blame myself. And i love her too, but not the way she loves me, i love her as my sister, but she’s not my sister and can never be my sister. If Ann chooses to betray me a hundred times, then i’ll blame myself a hundred times, please get her out of that hell hole, you know she’s pregnant right?
CHUKS: She’s preg what? Mehn! You are so fucked up right now, you’ve got a pregnant girlfriend who snitched on you and…..guy, you really have to be careful with Ann, that girl could lead you to your downfall, you better tell her to get rid of that damn pregnancy and send her back to her parents in Maiduguri before she completely spoils your plans and ruin your life. By the way, i will find a way to get her out of that place, my elder brother is an ASP there, i believe with his connections, Ann would be out of there soon, that’s if the Nativents don’t pull too much strings to make her rot there.
LEX: Thanks bro, i really appreciate, i need another help from you.
CHUKS: What?
LEX: I need you to investigate Brian Nativent for me, that guy looks suspicious.
CHUKS: Alright no problem.
LEX: Okay dude.
He hung up.
Just as Lex dropped his phone, he heard a knock on his window, looking up he saw Brian.
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