Love And Revenge Episode 37


Ann hit the door hard with her hand ‘Lex! I’m home!!!’ There was no response. She had attempted to use her spare key but he had changed the lock.
She looked back and saw the impatient look on their faces. God! What’s was happening? Where went Lex?
‘i don’t think he’s home. Maybe he took Heavenly away to another place. But i’m sure he’s the one who told me. Heck! He told me so himself’ Ann explained nervously.
Brian looked at her ‘young lady, you are acting suspicious? Are you sure you aren’t an accomplice of the kidnappers? I think you have to be detained till the real kidnapper shows up’
‘what? You can’t do that? I’m sure the kidnapper lives here, i lived here too’
OFFICER: Really? Then that’s suspicious. What’s your relationship with the kidnapper?
ANN: That’s personal.
BRIAN: Hmm, i smell snitching here. Officer, please take her away. She’s one of the accomplice.
ANN: F–k, no! I’m innocent, i only want to help.
Brian winked at the officers and they rushed to Ann and quickly handcuffed her amidst her struggles.
BRIAN: That’s for playing with us. And you are going to be detained until my daughter is found, you really don’t know who you are joking with. I worked with the FBI when i was in the states and i was a cop in Australia, you will surely pay for decieving us.
At that tears welled up in her eyes ‘that’s wrong! I only helped you guys, i didn’t mean to decieve you. The man who lives here, Lex, Lex Johnson kidnapped Heavenly, he did it for revenge. He wanted to take revenge on your father because he murdered his father and burnt his family in their sleep! I mean it’ She screamed as the police took her away.
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Sampson blinked twice.
The puzzle was gradually being solved. Everything.
Lex Johnson!
Murdered his father!
Burnt his family alive!
Twenty years ago!
He felt his world crumbling before his eyes, he took one step backwards and another and another till he fell to the ground completely, everything went blank. And he passed out.
Tommy Anderson watched as his daughter gave the police an account of what happened that day she was shot.
Where she went to, who she spoke with, what she did, who she quarelled with, and who she suspected.
She gave the name of the suspect, though he wasn’t listening because his mind was not there.
He was grateful to whoever helped him. Whether it was God or Satan, he didn’t care. Infact, he was grateful to them both because he wasn’t sure about who helped him.
He quickly wiped the tears from his eyes and raised his eyes up and whispered ‘thank you’ to whoever saved the life of his daughter. Now it just remained one.
Anita had been sent to India for further treatment six weeks ago. And he really wished India would be the last bustop. He wanted his daughter back hale and hearty.
And he had already started making preparations. Once Ciara was discharged from the hospital, she was going to the states to stay with his younger sister. Even Anita. He didn’t want to put their lives at risk anymore. They should be far from their enemies. He didn’t want to lose them, they were all he had.
Anita and Ciara.
‘dad’ Ciara’s soft voice called bringing him out of his reverie.
He quickly looked at her and forced a smile ‘my dear’
‘why are you crying?’
He looked around and saw that the police were gone, he drew closer and sat by the side of her bed ‘how’s my princess faring?’
‘i’m fine dad. How long have i been out’
‘over three weeks my dear. Thank God you woke up finally’
‘and Anita?’
‘she’s in India’
‘is she alright now?’
‘she will soon be alright my darling’
‘dad, do you know who’s responsible for all this?’
‘no, why do you ask?’
‘i have a suspect, Sandra, my former PA. She was the one who stabbed me the last time. But apart from her, i feel there’s someone else who wants me and Anita dead’
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