Love And Revenge Episode 33


Lex laughed triumphantly as he patted Chuks, his secondary school classmate and best friend, on the back ‘you tried, thanks’

CHUKS: Uhm, Lex where is Ann? I haven’t seen her since today.
Lex’s countenance quickly changed ‘she’s not around but she’ll be back soon, thanks for getting the girl for me anyways’
‘alright’ Chuks said and left.
‘take me back home please’ the little girl cried with fright as she struggled to be free from the loose rope holding her bound to the chair.
Lex smiled ‘don’t cry little one, i won’t hurt you, what’s your name?’ he asked wiping her tears.
‘my name is Heavenly but my grandpa calls me Heaven’ the girl said.
‘wow! What a lovely name for a lovely princess like you. Don’t worry sweetie, the last thing i’ll do is hurt you, you’ve done nothing to me okay?’ Lex said touching her hair.
‘you are already hurting me by tying me to this chair and taking me away from my grandpa, please take me back home, i want to be with my family’ Heavenly cried.
‘how did you get your American accent? Guess you lived in America?’
‘oh! Don’t worry sweetie, you shall be well taken care of, do you want something to eat or water to drink?’
‘no. I want to go back to my family, please uncle, take me back to my family!’ Heavenly cried once more.
Lex smiled and untied her, then placed her on a small bed and pulled the blanket over her ‘since you don’t feel like sleeping, have a good night rest, i will see you tomorrow’ And with that, he walked to the door after closing the windows and doors and turning on the air conditioner.
Lex stepped out of the room and went straight to the sitting room fuming in anger. Ann was proving a hard nut to crack.
There was no way she would have gone back to Maiduguri that evening. She was somewhere, somewhere around the city but he couldn’t think of anywhere she could be
Certainly not in Agatha’s house because…..he didn’t even know what happened to Agatha. Whether she died or survived, he didn’t even know.
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She couldn’t be in Agatha’s house and she didn’t really keep friends, so where could she be? A hotel? There were so many hotels in Asaba, so many that he couldn’t list nor place his hands on.
Was it Nelrose hotel or Emerald hotel or De-os hotel? There were too plenty to list.
He fell to the couch and tried her number again. This time she didn’t pick, then he tried the number again, this time, luckily she picked.
ANN: You this idiot! Won’t you leave me alone, i said i’m not going to help you, screw you!
LEX: Look Ann, wherever you are just come back home, i’m pleading with you. Please forgive me, i beg you in the name of God.
ANN: Never! After you threw me out of the house like thrash, you think i’ll return just like that? Who the fuck do you think you are mister?
LEX: Okay Ann, i’ll compensate you, just name your price. I feel guilty about the fact that i let you go after everything you’ve done for me without giving you a penny.
ANN: (laughs) May almighty God punish you and your money, you know what Lex? I don’t need you and you s——g money. I’ve left the house for you, you can screw as many girls as you like, animal!
LEX: Okay fine! I need your help Ann, i swear, i really do. Let’s make a bargain, i’ll pay you for your time.
ANN: (quiet for sometime) Lex, you are hurting me, so you mean that you…..never mind! You just want my help right? What type of help?
LEX: Now you are talking like my Ann, my sweetheart. I need you to babysit a girl for me. You know, cook for her, bathe her….all these things.
ANN: Which girl is that?
LEX: Sampson Nativent’s granddaughter, Chuks assisted me in abducting her this evening, i don’t want to hurt her, i just want to get to Sampson Nativent.
‘officer, i need you to do something about my granddaughter, i need you to find her!’ Sampson threw violently at the officers.
‘we are trying our best sir!’ the officers replied.
‘your best is not enough’ Brian said standing up from the couch where he was consoling weeping Jennifer ‘find Heavenly, can’t you see how miserable my wife is?’
The door opened and the security came in ‘sir, a woman is here to see you, she says her name is Ann’
‘Ann? Looks like Abraham’s secretary, let her in’ Sampson said.
The security disappeared and reappeared with Ann who greeted them.
ANN: I’m here for something important. I know who abducted Heavenly Nativent.
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