Love And Revenge Episode 32


Sampson slowly opened his eyes to a bright light, he looked around and saw his son and his wife with worried looks on their faces.
When his wife saw that he was awake, she bent closer, taking his arm and felt his pulse, then she forced a smile ‘dad, you are awake, thank God’
Then her husband asked ‘dad, where is Heavenly?’
Sampson quickly got up and coughed out loud ‘Hea…Heavenly?’
‘yes Heavenly? What happened? Why did you suddenly faint? Where is my daughter??’ his son asked with rage in his eyes.
His wife pinched him and mouthed him to slow down.
‘don’t tell me to calm down! Dad, what happened to Heavenly??’
‘i….i don’t know’ Sampson stammered, then placed his palm on his forehead as memories of what happened as he went on a stroll with Heavenly in the garden, the sudden footsteps, Heavenly’s scream and someone hitting his back head, he suddenly got up and grabbed his son’s shirt ‘where is Heavenly? Where is my granddaughter??’
It took all the strength his son could muster and the fact that his wife was here that stopped him from pushing his father away ‘dad you better tell me what happened to Heavenly? She’s nowhere around the house, didn’t you see her?’
‘i saw her! We went on a stroll together in the garden, then suddenly we heard footsteps, i thought it was you guys so i didn’t take it serious till i heard it again, then i told Heavenly to go to your room and check if you guys were still in your room, then i heard her shout and just when i was about to run to where her scream came from, someone hit my head and i collapsed’
‘what??’ his son’s wife screamed unable to believe the possible fact that her daughter has just been kidnapped ‘no! This can’t be true, no way!! Heavenly has not been kidnapped, no!’
‘dad, i don’t believe you’ his son said.
‘why the hell don’t you believe me Brian? Call the cops now! Heavenly has just been abducted by some unknown human beings and……’
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‘i just hope you didn’t do anything to my daughter’ Brian said searching his pocket for his cell phone.
‘what the hell are you saying Brian?’ his wife, Jennifer asked.
‘Jennifer, i know my dad, he can do something like this and even worse’ he replied as he dialed something on his phone.
‘dammit son? Are you trying to say i orchestrated the kidnap of my granddaughter? Are you sick? If i orchestrated everything, why then was i hurt??’ Sampson asked with pain.
‘charade! Dad, i know you’ Brian said.
Sampson felt tears gathering in his eyes suddenly ‘Brian, you…you are saying that i kidnapped Heavenly?’
‘i didn’t say so but i said it looks like one of your handwork’ Brain replied.
‘enough of this your nonsense Brian!’ Jennifer interrupted ‘what’s wrong with you? Our daughter has just been kidnapped and the best you can fucking do is accuse of your father? Are you so blind to see that your father is so attached to Heavenly, why then will he kidnap, what’s going to be his gain? Ransom or ritual killing?’
‘you better shut up right now before i lose it because you know nothing about my father! Don’t you try being the ideal daughter-in-law and become blind to the truth because you don’t know what my father is capable of’
‘i would never try to kidnap my very own grandchild, what will i stand to gain?’ Sampson asked as a stubborn tears trickled down his cheek but he caught it with his finger ‘what makes you think i will do it?’
‘i’ve never forgotten what you did to your own sister and her child several years ago’ Brian said as he stepped aside to answer the phone call.
Sampson nearly fainted. What was Brain talking about?
When Brian finished talking on the phone, Sampson asked him what he meant by that.
Brian looked at Jennifer before saying ‘i saw everything dad and that was when i knew the kind of person my dad was. You murdered your sister and her son in cold blood, i saw everything that day’
‘what???’ Jennifer exclaimed suddenly going to hide behind her husband.
BRIAN: If you could do that then what stops you from trying to hurt your own granddaughter, stop deceiving yourself with the tears, it’s not going to work because i will personally deal with you if i find out you had a hand in my daughter’s kidnap!
SAMPSON: Brian….
BRAIN: Don’t Brian me dad! The cops are here and if they ask me who i suspect, i will immediately point to you because there’s nothing you can’t do. You’ve committed so many atrocities dad, i’m a witness to it, you are evil! You and your friend that formed 3 BRAINS, who know how many family you’ve wasted.
SAMPSON: Shut up! I didn’t do it.
BRAIN: You did.
SAMPSON: I didn’t.
Before Brian could blink, Sampson charged at him with full force landing several blows on his face, then Brian stood up and not minding that he was his dad, reciprocated the gesture, just then Jennifer’s phone rang.
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To be continued.