Love And Revenge Episode 34


‘ahhhh’ Lex said with his mouth wide open and a spoon filled with cornflakes in one hand and a plate filled with milky cornflakes in another urging Heavenly to open her mouth so he could spoon feed her.
Heavenly quickly opened her mouth and he tickled her making her giggle shyly. He fed her until she finished the food, then he teased her about consuming a whole packet of cornflakes in two days.
HEAVENLY: I don’t eat much, even my mamma says so.
LEX: Your mamma was wrong girl, you eat way too much no wonder you are chubby.
HEAVENLY: But uncle Stephen, won’t you let me go home? I miss my mamma, my papa and my grandpa so much.
LEX: You will go home very soon i promise. I just need your grandpa to comply to my instructions, that’s all.
HEAVENLY: Are you using me as a bait to get to my grandpa.
Lex was impressed at her command of English language, so much he was forced to ask how old she was.
HEAVENLY: I’m 6 years old.
LEX: Hmm, i love your accent and your choice of words in English language, listen, i got you some cartoons, i don’t know your favorite but there are Cinderella, Snow white, Sleeping beauty, Beauty and the best, Sofia the first, Barbie collections……
HEAVENLY: Barbie collections! Oh i love Barbie collections, i can’t wait to watch them.
SAMPSON: What? What do you mean by you know who kidnapped my granddaughter and how do you know she was kidnapped in the first place?
ANN: There’s no time to answer these questions sir, i just want you to know that i can take you right away to where your granddaughter is being held hostage.
JENNIFER: Really? You can take me to where my daughter is, then please take me there.
ANN: Oh! You are Heavenly’s mother, you are such a pretty woman, don’t worry, though Heavenly is safe where she is, it’s still not right to hold a child over the grand father’s mistakes.
BRIAN: what? Explain please.
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ANN: There’s no time to explain, are you guys following me or not?
OFFICER: First, we need to know who you are, you need to write a statement.
ANN: There’s no need for statements, i don’t want to implicate myself. I’m only trying to help because Mr Nativent is also my employer, though i don’t work under him.
OFFICER: It doesn’t matter, you still have to give a statement.
JENNIFER: What statement? Were you guys even listening to what she has been saying? She says she knows where my daughter is, why the hell are you telling her to write a statement when she’s only trying to help, look if you guys are not going with her, then i’m going with her, my daughter means everything to me…..
OFFICER: Madam, we just have to follow due procedure. We understand your grief but lets do this the proper way. You don’t know who this lady is, if she’s from the enemy’s den or something, we have to be sure.
SAMPSON: Erm officer, we don’t need a statement, lets just follow her. Ermm, my granddaughter’s life is at…..erm…..stake here and…..erm….erm…… Let’s just go.
BRIAN: Dad, why are you suddenly uneasy?
SAMPSON: What do you mean by being uneasy?
BRIAN: What are the mistakes you made dad that my daughter is paying for it?
SAMPSON: I….i don’t understand you.
BRIAN: Young lady, you said your name is Ann right?
ANN: Yes.
BRIAN: Now, can you please explain the mistakes my dad made that Heavenly is paying for?
SAMPSON: There’s no time for that right now son! We need to find Heavenly. Ain’t you worried about her? Don’t you want to find your daughter?
BRIAN: In as much as i want to find my daughter, i will do everything within my power to uncover your evil deeds dad, and i will expose you one by one, you watch me. Lets go.
He grabbed his car keys from the center table while holding his wife’s hand and they all left one by one.
Ann joined the police in their car while Sampson, Brian and Jennifer entered a lexus jeep with Brian on the wheel.
Ann bit her lower lip hard. She hadn’t dream in a long time that she was going to betray Lex one day. It pained her that she was doing so but whatever, he betrayed her first.
She directed them to where Lex lived, her former home and as the car pulled up in front of the house, she shed tears.
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