Love And Revenge Episode 35


Tommy Anderson paced up and down in his office with tears in his eyes.
Ever since he was a kid, he never attended church because his parents were not Christians so he had no good knowledge about God.
It was during his primary school education that he got a little knowledge about who God really is. But by the time he was almost through with his secondary school education, his parents gave their life to Christ and became strong members of the only church in their village.
In as much as they tried to convert him into a christian, he never did budge. And by then, he was way deep into the things of the world to start retracing his steps, being the Capone of a strong cult in campus, killing people, raping girls, he never followed them to church.
His mother always told him that without God, he would be nothing useful in the future but he always told himself that without God, he was going to be successful. And he really did became successful in life, though in a dirty way.
The only thing he never really put his hand into was voodoo or ritual killing.
He never believed in God.
But now, he needed anything that could cause a miracle in his life and that of his two daughters in the ICU.
He blinked twice as more tears poured from his eyes. The things he did in his youth were finally coming back to him.
There was no doubt that someone was really angry with him and his family.
First it was Ciara who was stabbed. And then someone cut off Anita’s brakes and it had lead into a ghastly motor accident.
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Then Ciara happened to survive the stab attack and not up to a week she was discharged, she got shot again.
Whatever evil he did when he was young, whoever that mortal called God was, he should forgive him and have mercy on his soul and that of his two daughters.
He was ready to become born again should God save his daughters.
He was even ready to become an usher in the church or even build a church if God wanted him to do so. He would give anything in his possession right now to save his two daughters.
With tears pouring down heavily from his eyes, he quickly went on his knees and brought out his ipad, he had downloaded KJV last night when he was bored and had nothing to do.
Then he opened the first book, he remembered his primary school teacher saying that Genesis was the first book and Revelation the last book.
He opened Genesis 1 vs 1 and then he read it to verse twenty, and he stopped reading and kept the ipad on the table still on his knees.
He really didn’t know how to pray. He didn’t know the first thing to say. He remembered a christian song his mother used to sing during devotions which he never came down for but always heard her from his room whenever she sang it.
And most times, without him knowing, he always sang along
He touched me
He touched me
And turn my sorrows to joy
Something has happened
And now i know he touched me
And made me whole.
And then he started praying, trying his best the way he could.
He prayed to the extent that he was sweating profusely.
His secretary walked in on him and almost fainted when she saw her boss praying. Her boss, praying? This was the first time ever he did this.
He ignored her, in fact he didn’t even stop praying. Then she left hurriedly with a smile plastered on her face.
Just as Tommy Anderson ended his prayer, his phone rang. He was hesitant to pick it at first but when he saw that the caller was Dr Ekile, he quickly picked it up.
DR EKILE: Hello sir, we have good news for you. Ciara just woke up.
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