Love And Revenge Episode 36


Sandra, with legs widely spread staggered into her house and shut the door fiercely and watched through the window as the taxi sped away.
She regretted telling him to drop her off in front of her house. Who knows who the dude really was. Maybe he had come back for her and God, she prayed he didn’t.
What happened to her last night was the worst day of her life. The driver had spent hours s——g her nonstop, she felt really sore.
She sat on the chair, brought out a handfan and started blowing between her legs as she groaned in pain.
The wicked driver had screwed her from that evening they went to the bush to the early hours of today, she never knew a man could be this strong. And then when he had had his fill, she begged him to drop her off and he had told her that she was going to pay for it. She had wanted to argue but when he knowingly patted his gun, she nodded instantaneously, without hesitation.
She would have told him to drop her off at the next bustop before her house so he wouldn’t know the particular place she resided but she had been too tired to talk and now she realised she made the worst mistake ever.
God! Please he shouldn’t come back, she prayed inwardly. She needed to call someone but she didn’t know who to call.
His phone rang immediately. He checked the id of the caller and it was from Sandra. He hesitated for a while before finally picking the call.
LEX: Hello Sandra.
She sounded weak, tired, exhausted.
LEX: What?
SANDRA: I need you.
Lex scoffed ‘what for?’
‘please come to my house immediately, something terrible happened to me’ Sandra cried over the phone.
LEX: What happened to you? Were you robbed or something?
SANDRA: Please just come to my house, i beg you in the name of the God we serve.
LEX: uhmmm….why not come to mine?
SANDRA: I can’t.
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LEX: If it’s because of Ann then…..
SANDRA: It’s not because of Ann, i know she already left the house but i just need you to come.
Lex looked at Heavenly who was engrossed in the cartoon she was watching and sighed ‘it will take me a few hours to be there’
‘a few hours? Oh Lex, can’t you make it in fifteen minutes’
‘that’s if i can even make it. I’m in the middle of something really important right now but if i will come, i’ll let you know okay?’
Lex quickly hung up and looked at the smiling Heavenly ‘why are you smiling?’
‘because you lied. You told the person who just called you that you are in the middle of something important, but you are just sitting here watching cartoon with me, that’s not really important’
Lex smiled ‘oh my dear! As far as i’m watching cartoon with you, then it’s very important, i didn’t lie’
‘really? So i’m important’
‘of course you are my dear’
Heavenly pouted her lips ‘my parents never make me feel as though i’m very important. When we were in Australia, dad goes to work early in the morning and comes back late at night, he only pecks me and gives me numerous gifts and chocolates, he never really sits with me and watch cartoon with me, no he never did it once. Mum usually did but whenever she recieves a call about some patient dying, she hurries up and leave the house not even bothering to tell them that she’s in the middle of something important just like you did. My own parents don’t even consider me as important but you, a total stranger does, than you uncle Stephen’ She hugged him.
Lex suddenly became emotional. Whoever the parents of this child was, they should realise that she needed a little attention, she was such a cute child and it pained him that he was using her to get to her grandfather.
‘let me get you some milk’ he said gently raising her head from his chest.
She smiled appreciatively and nodded her head.
He stood up, went to his room and brought out a sleeping tablet and went to the kitchen, and poured a little quantity of it in the milk then returned it to her.
He watched as she drowned it in one gulp and handed the glass cup back to him with a smile and a thump up ‘you are the best uncle’
He smiled again and went to drop the glass cup. Then he went to the room to take a shower and change his outfit. By the time he went back to the sitting room, Heavenly was already dozing off.
He took her to his room and kept her in his wardrobe, locked his room and went out. Just as he drove his car out of the compound and was about crossing to the next street, he saw a car pull up and another which was a police van.
He watched as Sampson Nativent with his son and wife come out of the car and then Ann and three policemen came out of the van.
Ann pointed at the building and immediately they marched inside, it was then that it became clear to him.
Ann betrayed him.
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