Love And Revenge Episode 30


Ann sighed deeply as she dragged her bags into the hotel room she just booked. She had been feeling somehow funny in her stomach today but she didn’t know what to call it.
Maybe she was hungry or her baby was hungry.
Her baby.
Yes it was her baby now. Lex had abandoned it, Lex had denied the baby the moment he asked her to leave the house.
She smiled sadly as tears formed a pool in her eyes, time will tell. Lex wasn’t going to escape this, she was going to deal with him, show him how much suffer she could cause him.
She dropped the bags on the floor and staggered to the bed where she took off her clothes till she was completely naked and swore ‘Lex, it shall never be better for you! You shall suffer day in and day out, you will never know peace. You and your generation shall be cursed till eternity, what you did to me, someone would do that to you, you shall never find peace and you will never find another woman who will love you the way i loved you’
Then she fell to the floor and cried while gently tapping her flat stomach thinking of what next to do. Going back to Maiduguri wasn’t an option, no!
How was she going to tell her parents that she eloped with a man who didn’t love her and she had returned after so many years with pregnancy, she smiled through her tears ‘what a shame!’ she cursed.
And there was no way she was going to remain in a hotel forever, and she had to plan for a baby. She was at least grateful that she was a staff of 3 BRAINS.
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Her salary was enough to take care of herself and her child when he or she is born coupled with the amount she had in her account. She really regretted not saving enough money when she was with Lex. Had she known that this was going to be the end result of her love story, she would have collected as much money as she could.
First of all she needed an apartment and she was going to get one from now to next week and…..
Her phone rang interrupting her thoughts and checking the id of the caller, it was Lex.
Sandra nearly peed on herself as she gradually took off her clothes. Begging the man and even trying to bribe him had been fruitless. She wept. Some people were heartless.
The driver licked his lips lustfully ‘mehn, you sexy die! I go chop belleful today’
‘please now’ Sandra pleaded as tears poured down from her eyes.
The driver frowned ‘comot your pant jare, make i see better thing!’
‘i take God beg you, i go pay you any amount wey you want’
‘i no want your money. Na your body i want, this your fresh body, no worry, i go chop remain for your boyfriend you hear??’
‘i’m a married woman and its…..’
‘shut up, no dey fool yourself. You be married woman, no be only married woman, where your ring??’
‘i forget am for house’
‘you dey joke!’ the driver said and crossed over to the back seat where she laid in tears.
He dragged her roughly and pulled her panties and brassier.
Sandra flinched as the driver’s mouth enveloped hers, she tried pushing him away but he was stronger than her. And when he hit her thigh with the butt of his gun, she knew at once that this was not a joking matter so she endured it.
And when he finally removed his massive manhood from his boxers, she knew she might as well die.
Apart from Lex and that of Tommy Anderson’s, she had not seen another man’s manhood apart from this stupid driver and the two she had seen weren’t as big as this.
God help her! She didn’t do anything to deserve this one bit!
By the time the driver roughly entered her, she knew the die was cast.
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