Love And Revenge Episode 29


Ann bit her lower lip hard as she stared at Lex. Surprisingly, her tears had dried up. It was like she expected this sooner or later.
ANN: You want me to leave?
LEX: Yes leave.
She stood up with a sad smile on her lips ‘you will live to regret this Lex because i’ll make you pay. I personally will make your revenge mission impossible and tough for you, i will make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail and i will make sure you don’t live happily with another woman. I made you who you are Lex, i (BEATING HER CHEST) will bring you down, have a nice life.
She picked her bags and walked up to the door ‘my eyes are on you Lex. And don’t think you will ever be part of my baby’s life because today, you cancelled every right you had in his or her life. Goodbye’ She dragged her bags to the door and walked out.
As Ann walked out of his house and his life, he felt her taking a part of him with her. The moment she shut the door behind her, he realized he made a mistake, a very big mistake. He should never have let Ann leave. She was part of his life already.
He fell on the couch and rubbed his hand in frustration, what had come over him?
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He needed a break.
After a week or a month, he was going to go back for Ann. She loved him so it wouldn’t be so hard getting her to come back. And he knew she wouldn’t carry out her threats.
Sandra took off her sunglasses with full force when the cab she was in sped past the very familiar figure.
It can’t be!
No, it can’t be Ann! Ann would not be poured acid and still walk about carrying luggages.
‘stop’ she told the cabman. Due to the loudness of the radio in the car, the driver did not hear ‘i said stop will’ she said with anger.
The driver turned back and muttered an apology and parked the car at one corner of the road.
‘please go back a little’ she said.
‘wetin happen? You wan stop??’
‘i say make you go back, i go pay you your money’ Sandra said with impatience
‘you no say fuel don add money abi???’ the driver said reversing his car back.
Sandra hissed ‘stop, stop!!!’
He stopped.
Then she came down. She felt like fainting.
Ann was standing by the road side with three big bags by her side flagging down a cab.
To make sure she saw correctly, she went to where Ann was and tapped her.
Ann turned to her, eyed her and hissed ‘you’ve succeeded abi?? You’ve finally gotten Lex to throw me out of the house abi? But mark my words, mark my words Sandra, that both of you will never find peace, for the both of you to conspire together and chase me out of the home i struggled to build, peace will never be your portion, sorrow shall be your food day and night, and mark this word Sandra, what you do to another, someone else will do to you, in this case, karma must reign and just remember, i won’t be faraway, my eyes will always be on you’ Ann said, opened the cab and entered inside and the driver zoomed off.
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Sandra couldn’t believe her eyes, was this Ann??
It can’t be Ann.
But she just heard Ann talking to her and she saw her enter the car with her two naked eyes.
And she was wearing a black jean with a blue top not a purple gown and she had on a brazillian weavon on her head not ghana weaving.
Then it all dawned on her.
They poured the acid on the wrong person. She felt like fainting right there and then, she was so ashamed of herself, she couldn’t get a simple thing right.
She folded the hem of her dress tight with anger. Dagger and his cohorts were going to pay for this, she was sure about it.
With tears of anger in her eyes, she went back to the cab and ordered him to drive ‘drive to Ajaye avenue’
‘ah, no be Bonsaac you dey go again??’
‘you dey mad??? Wetin concern you concern where i dey go? No be money i go pay you????’
The driver started laughing ‘na make you dey cry?? Oya no cry again, cry cry baby’
Sandra became furious as tears flushed down her cheeks ‘na God go punish, na your mama be cry cry baby, infact your entire generation na cry cry baby’ then she started crying and venting her spleen on the driver, anyone passing or seeing what she was doing would think she was crying because of what the driver said but she was actually crying because she felt like a failure, how come she didn’t get this right?? How come she used the wrong people for the job?? How come they didn’t succeed?? How come they poured the acid on the wrong person??
‘na me you dey talk to like that?’ the driver asked both surprised and angry at the same time.
‘na God go punish you hundred times, woman wrapper, you go die inside top woman hole, you and your family……’
The driver found this funny and started laughing clapping his hands in surprise ‘see me see wahale, i toast you? I ask you for your number abi i tell you sey i wan enter you, why you come say na your papa go die inside woman hole’
‘you and your family go beg food waka for streets’ more tears were pouring down from her eyes. She actually wished it was Ann she dished out all this insults to ‘na your mama you go do no be me’
‘e be like sey the man wey do you tire you today no pay you better money but i’m warning you madam, e get as you go take talk na, e go over you’
Sandra used her handbag and hit his head ‘drive! You this stupid old fool’
The driver smiled devilishly and said nothing.
Then he drove for like thirty minutes without Sandra noticing that they’ve passed their destination. When her mind finally came back to normal was when he turned off the ignition and when she looked around, she became scared. They were in the middle of a maybe a forest or a jungle, they were surrounded by bushes.
She jumped on her seat when the driver looked back at her with a devilish smile on his face. In his left hand was a 9 mm gun.
‘oya dey pull your cloth now now’ he commanded
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To be continued……