Love And Revenge Episode 31


Ann didnt want to pick the call but she found herself doing it against her wish.
‘hell…helllo’ she answered with shaky hands.
‘Ann where are you?’
‘what has that got to do with you?’
‘pls come back, i need your help’
‘grandpa! Grandpa!!’ Heavenly sighed happily. Sampson Nativent smiled as he spread his arms for his granddaughter to run into.
‘my darling, when did you arrive? You came with your parents right?’ he asked cheerfully.
‘yes grandpa, momma and dad are in their room, they’ve been there with their doors securely locked since we arrived. I was so bored, i had to pray you come back from work early’ Heavenly said still in her grandfather’s arms ‘grandpa, now that you are here, let’s play hide and seek!’
‘oh dearie! What to do? Grandpa just came back from the office and is obviously tired, let’s do this tommorrow, moreover it’s kind of late’ Sampson complained.
‘no, it’s not late! It’s just past seven and you know hide and seek is the best at night. Common grandpa, let’s go to the garden!!’ Heavenly said tugging at her grandfather’s suit.
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Sampson sighed and followed his granddaughter out to the garden, could he really refuse Heavenly anything??
He was glad she was home for the holidays, they resided in the states and just last week, his son had called to say they were coming home to spend the holidays with him. He was glad, at least he wasn’t going to be lonely for now.
Ever since he lost his wife to cancer eight years ago, he had refused to remarry and with all his children married and living abroad, he had led a very boring life and was only busy if he was lucky enough to have any of his children come home with their kids. Of all his grandchildren, Heavenly was his favourite, he loved her so much to the point where he couldn’t refuse her anything.
‘grandpa, do you know mum is pregnant for another baby??’ Heavenly asked.
‘really?? Wow, that’s so nice, you must be so happy about that Heaven’
‘yeah yeah, let’s play grandpa, i missed you so much like never before!’ Heavenly said excitedly.
Sampson smiled as they stood at the middle of the garden, suddenly, he heard the rustling of leaves somewhere around the garden, then he heard footsteps.
He became alarmed. Who could that be? Was it…..No! How can that be? Didn’t Heavenly say his son and daughter-in-law were upstairs? Perhaps they were in the garden too.
So instead he smiled and stared at Heavenly but he heard the footsteps again, he became alarmed, this wasn’t right, if his son and his wife wanted to walk around the garden, then they should do so freely not sneak around like thieves, he didn’t know his son to play games around.
‘who….who is that?’ he asked with shaky voice.
‘what?’ Heavenly asked looking confused.
The footsteps stopped and Sampson broke down in sweat ‘Heaven, didn’t you say…say your parents were upstairs??’
‘yeah sure, they’ve been in their room since we arrived not minding what i would be doing, they don’t care about me anymore!’ Heavenly pouted.
Sampson looked around ‘who…who are you? Com…come out’
He heard the footsteps again and Heavenly held him in fright ‘who is that grandpa? Is it mum and dad? Why are they scaring us?’
‘Heaven dear….go…go inside, run inside, lock up the doors and check if your mum and your dad are still in their room, go now!’
‘okay grandpa’ Heaven said ranning.
Suddenly he heard her scream in fright and he raced to where he heard the voice.
‘HEAVENLY!!! HEAVENLY!!!’ He screamed.
Suddenly, he was hit from behind and he fell to the ground.
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To be continued