Lo Imperdonable (Unforgivable) Episode 86



  Martin joins Veronica and Magdalena and tells them Matilde is having a CT scan. Her condition may be worse than they imagine. Jorge informs Botel and Emiliano about the client in Europe. Salma wants to know who call Virginia and left her in this state. Virginia lies and tells her someone call to blackmail her. The person threatens to kill her mother. meanwhile she doesn’t even have a mother. She feels very bad especially with what she is going through at the moment. Once Emiliano is gone Jorge and Botel have a chit chat about Emiliano. Jorge feels it will be good if Emiliano marry Veronica. Botel asks him not to get his hopes so high. Jorge on the other hand is optimistic he feels they will get closer because of this new project.

  Blanquita isn’t back and Raymunda blames Ana Perla for her daughter disappearance. Ana Perla wonders why she is to be blamed. Raymunda tells her if she had listened to them in the first place all this won’t be happening.

  Veronica decides to go out and find out about Matilde. Martin tries to go with her but Magdalena stops him. Polo doesn’t understand why his mother is blaming Ana Perla. When Blanquita left the house, Ana Perla wasn’t home. The door opens and Manuel and his grandfather enter both drunk.
They yell Blanquita’s name ordering her to come. Raymunda informs them that Blanquita left the house and she is not back.

  Martin and Magdalena walk on Veronica and the doctor. The doctor informs her that the blow Matilde received on her head did more damage than they expected. She may lose her mobility, Martin tries to hold but she refuses. She asks the doctor if it is irreversible. The doctor can’t really tell unless she starts rehabilitation. Magdalena holds Veronica to console her and asks her to be calm. Veronica loses and pours her frustration on Martin and Magdalena. Salma and Virginia join them at that moment. Salma wants to know happen. Virginia asks them if Matilde is dead. Magdalena tells her no and updates them on the Matilde’s condition. Virginia tells them the doctor did what they could. The most important thing is that she is still alive. Arturo walks Blanquita home, she is scared that her parent will scold her. He asks her not to worry, they will rather be happy that she is back. He wishes to see her again but she doubt. However, she will look for him at her window. Lucia tells her son ever since his father abandons them.
She has dedicated all his love for him. She doesn’t want to lose him and begs him to stay away from Ana Perla. Manuel also blames Ana Perla for Blanquita disappearance. Just at that moment Blanquita walks in. Manuel drags her and throws in the chair. He tries to beat her but Ana Perla intervenes. Manuel slaps her and Julio defends Ana Perla. Raymunda tells Blanquita she is behaving like a bad daughter. Blanquita agrees but begs her not to send her to the village. Crescencio reproaches Raymunda and her husband for not educating their children well. He orders Manuel to lock them up in the room. Raymunda doesn’t agree with his him. Cresencio asks her if she wants Blanquita to also end up with pregnant. He yells at Manuel to lock both ladies up in the room until they are ready to return to the village. Manuel brutally pushes them and takes them away.

  Martin can’t stand seeing Veronica leaning on Emiliano’s chest so he decides to leave. Pablo doesn’t want to give up on Ana Perla. Lucia begs him and reminds him that her family will never forgive him. Manuel will end up killing him if he insists. Pablo apologies to her and runs off.

  Botel follows Martin and advises him to be patient. He reminds him that he warned him about his revenge. Martin agrees if not for this revenge he will have been with Veronica. He can’t stand seeing Veronica hurts this way and closer to Emiliano. Botel reminds him that the difference between him and Emiliano is that he loves Veronica passionately. He asks Martin not to give up. Martin returns and sees them very close. He gets angry and leaves again. Jorge and Emiliano try to convince Veronica to have something to eat. Jorge advises Veronica to try and get some sleep but she refuses. She doesn’t want to leave Matilde’s side. Manuel convinces his grandfather to put Ana Perla and Blanquita under his care. Cresencio accepts, Manuel asks him not to worry about Ana Perla’s child. He will take care of that, Crescencio asks him no to do anything stupid. Manuel suggests they fire Julio but Crescencio refuses. He rather thinks he should marry Ana Perla off to Julio. Blanquita asks Ana Perla not to worry about her. She doesn’t care about their punishment because she met her prince charming. They open the windows and sees Arturo standing at a distance.

  Veronica decides to spend the night with Matilde at the hospital. Pablo shows up and sees Arturo at his pot. Arturo tells him he was waiting for a lady, after clarification they become friend. Matilde opens her eyes but unable to move. Veronica is there with her and talks to her. Matilde manages to touches Veronica’s hand. Veronica asks her to touch her again if she understands what she is saying. Matilde touches her and holds her hand.

  Ana Perla begs Pablo not to climb through the window because Manuel is around. Speaking of the devil, just at that moment, Moment comes out and sees him. Manuel throws Pablo on the floor and takes out his knife. He asks Pablo to say goodbye to his sister. It is the last time he will see her again and attack Pablo. Ana Perla watches them and collapses. Pablo struggle with Manuel and manages to push him away. Raymunda tries to convince her father to allow Blanquita study nursing. Crescencio refuses and asks to return to her husband if she doesn’t agree with him. Manuel and Pablo get into a fight, Pablo manages to put the knife on the ground. They throw some few punches until Pablo fall on the ground. Manuel get on top of him, he takes a big stone and tells Pablo if he can’t kill him. He will at least make sure Pablo never uses his hand again. Blanquita tries to revive Ana Perla but doesn’t succeed. She desperately bangs the door calling her mother and grandfather.

  Martin enters Matilde’s room and overhears Veronica telling her not to die on her. She is the only person who never betrayed her and loves her unconditionally. Martin silently closes the door and cries. Raymunda enters the room and attend to Ana Perla. Blanquita manages to make her leave the room before she notices the fight outside. Pablo and Manuel continue to fight until Pablo manages to throw Manuel on the floor. He goes for the stone, and tries to kill Manuel. Lucia shows up on time and yells at him. She reminds him that he is not a murderer and asks him to come with her. Pablo refuses and wants to go in but Julio comes out and prevents him. Pablo wants Julio to tell him what Ana Perla is hiding but Julio refuses. Lucia manages to take her away with her.

  Claudia makes an appearance at the bar and leaves the miners speechless. Veronica prays beside Matilde’s bed. Martin takes a rose someone a guy at the hospital. He enters the room and sees Veronica sleeping in the chair. He covers her and kisses her to wish her good night. He leaves the rose on her and goes out. Joaquin calls Raymunda and reproaches her for not respecting the decision they made concerning their daughter. Raymunda defend her father, Crescencio shows up and takes the phone away from her. He tells Joaquin that no one contradict his orders. Joaquin reminds him that he is responsible for his family. He asks Crescencio not to underrate his decision. Cresencio tells him he can’t tell him what to do. He informs Joaquin that he is fired and hangs up.

  Veronica wakes up the following day and sees the flowers. She instantly knows he came from Martin. She opens the door and sees him coil on the floor like a child sleeping. She takes the sheet and covers him. She plays with his hair then kisses his forehead and return to the room. The noise from the door wakes him up.

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