Colour Of Love Episode 11




Adriana went to her room to have some rest when she got to the house. But she couldn’t because Ryan called her when they also got home. They talked for a very long time on the phone until a maid in Mr Willington’s house came to call her for supper. 

When they were eating, she asked her dad if Ryan could come and take her to the airport the next day. Mr Willington said yes he can come and take you to the airport. 

The next day, everything went on perfect. Adriana called in at lunch time to have some time with her man.

Ryan had to close early to prepare for the airport, Adriana’s flight was at midnight.  At 8:00pm, Roland and Ryan went to pick her up. They entered the house and met Adriana and her parents. They were helping her to pack.

Mr Willington then told the boys to take good care of their princess. and they promised to do that. They packed all her things and went to the car.

Roland said he is driving so  the two of them should stay back and have their conversation. They did as Roland said. You could see how Adriana was going to miss Ryan. She held Ryan very tight in the car and her head was on his chest as they were talking. 

They later got to the airport. After check in, she came back to them and continued their chat.  Roland and Ryan waited for her till she left to the departure hall. She hugged Roland and came to Ryan and gave him a deep kiss. They kissed for about 10mins non-stop. But time wasn’t on her side she had to run to the departure hall. But before she left, she told Ryan never to stop loving her. The boys also went to their car and went home to sleep because it was very late. 

On Tuesday early in the morning, Ryan had a call from a strange number which was an international number. That call woke him up. 

Adriana: hello baby

Ryan: hello angel, how are you doing, how was your flight?

Adriana : am doing great sir and my flight was really good. They had a lot of conversation till Ryan was ready to go to work. 

To be continued