Colour Of Love Episode 12



Episode 12  

Three months has passed and their love was still strong, Although distance kept them apart from each other but communication wasn’t broken. 

Roland on the other hand was dating the pastor’s daughter which they thought it was a secret between them. Unfortunately Mercy knew about it right from the start. 

Mercy was in love with Ryan but she couldn’t tell him, the only thing that would help her was to threatened Roland about his secret affair with the pastor’s daughter. 

One Sunday after church, she went to Roland and said, can I please have a talk with you? Roland doesn’t like that girl  because of her attitude.  But he had respect for ladies so he had to listen to whatever she had to say

Mercy: Roland am so much in love with your brother and you are the only person  I can trust for get him for me.

Roland : what are you talking about Mercy? If you love my brother, am I the one to help you get him? And beside you can’t be with him because he is already seeing someone. And there is no way he would love you.

Mercy: yes I know he is in a relationship with Mr Willington daughter. But I still want him

Roland : how did you know about that? Am sorry I can’t help you with that. 

Roland tried to walk away but Mercy called him back and said don’t you think it will be better for you to get him for me rather than letting everybody know about you and Miriam, the pastors daughter

Roland: what are you talking about Mercy?

Mercy: don’t try to pretend my friend. I know all about your meeting places

It was getting too hot for Roland so he left Mercy’s presence. He wasn’t himself even when they went home. 

Ryan and Adriana were also having of their life, There wasn’t a single day they both didn’t talk or texted themselves. 

Roland finally told his brother about his relationship with Miriam. Because he wanted to save his brother’s relationship.  His brother was surprised about it but he told him that wasn’t a big deal. They will easily fix it out. 

Ryan: let dad and mum know about it, then we will take it from there. After all you are no more a kid so I see nothing wrong with you going out with someone.

Roland : thank you bro.    

To be continued


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