Lo Imperdonable (Unforgivable) Episode 81



  Emiliano apologizes to Veronica for believing in Virginia instead of her. He also apologizes for humiliating her on her engagement. Virginia insists on not going to the hospital. Salma wants Botel opinion. Botel tells her if Virginia was feeling bad, she would agree to go to the hospital. Jorge tells them he is going home to have a look at the letter and other stuff. Salma hopes he doesn’t believe Veronica. Jorge also wonders if she believes Virginia.

  Mariana tries to console Virginia but she pushes her away. She asks for Mariana’s phone and asks her to leave. Emiliano walks pass her without saying a word to her. She calls Daniel and asks him he did what she asks him. If they find the box in the house, they will lose everything. Blanquita uses alcohol to revive Ana Perla; Crescencio suggests they go to the hospital. She refuses and assures them she is fine. Maybe she ate something that doesn’t agree with her. Crescencio wants to go with them but Blanquita asks him to stay home. Virginia and Salma yell at Matilde and Veronica when they can’t find the box. Matilde assures them the box with the pictures and letters was on the bed in the morning. Veronica consoles her and asks her to calm down. She showed them a picture again.

  She asks them where she got it from if not from the box. Virginia takes a deep breath because she is sure Daniel did what she asks him. She now has the strength to play her game. She hopes they have realized that everything was a lie. Salma console her but Emiliano doesn’t seem convinced. Matilde insists that the box exists and keeps searching. She tells them they are all aware that she doesn’t lie. Salma tells her today she lied, just to defend Veronica. Jorge tells her Matilde has no reason to lie. Salma tells Veronica she ruins the wedding for nothing and storms out. Matilde asks Emiliano to believe her. Virginia tells her to give up; they only wanted to ruin her wedding. Veronica asks her about her Necklace. Virginia tells her she probably stole it from her jewelry box. Veronica asks her what about the picture; Virginia tells her they took during a party at home. Martin reminds Virginia that her necklace was with his brother in Mina Esconcdida. Nancyiaga told him it was a gift from his lover. Virginia recalls her first encounter with Nancyiaga. Virginia asks Emiliano if he also believe Nancyiaga word. Emiliano assures her Nancyiaga always says the truth. Emiliano now understand why she made them believe Veronica had a relationship with Demetrio.


  Martin tells her she made him believe Veronica was a gold-digger. Just like all of them he also believed her, did she also deceived his brother. Did she promise to marry him if he makes more money?

  Emiliano can’t believe she will be capable of going this far just for money. Virginia tells them the only gold-digger here is Veronica. Emiliano tells her if that was the case Veronica would have marry him instead. She accepted Martin proposal before she got to know about his gold mine. She was ready to live in Mina Escondida with Martin for love not money. Pablo tries to draw but he can’t even hold the pencil. He gets angry and throws everything on the floor. Daniel examines Ana Perla and asks Blanquita and her mother to leave them alone. He asks her when she last had her menstruation. She tells her not this month, he gives a cup to urinate in it.

  Virginia tries to convince Emiliano not to listen to Veronica. She even uses their child to blackmail him; she doesn’t want to have a big wedding. They can have a quiet civil wedding. Emiliano tells her he won’t allow her to use the baby to blackmail him. Whether she had a relationship with Demetrio or Daniel he doesn’t care. She lied to him; she wasn’t a virgin or a decent girl. He tells her he is not going to marry her anymore. Martin wants to settle things with Veronica but she refuses. Veronica tells him she will never forgive him for humiliating her. Daniel informs Ana Perla that she is pregnant. She begs him not to tell her family. Salma and Jorge discuss about what happen.
Salma defends Virginia; Jorge feels she has some explanation to do. Especially concerning her relationship with Daniel. Jorge feels bad and Salma runs to call the doctor. She comes running calling Botel to check on Jorge.

  Pierre sent Pablo’s paint to him. The landlord comes asking for his money. Pablo promise to pay as soon as he sells his paints. The landlord sees Ana Perla portrait and wants it in exchange of his money. Pablo offers to give him another portrait but he refuses. Ana Perla feels Manuel and Cresencio will kill Pablo if they find out about her pregnancy. Botel examines Jorge and tells him he is fine. Salma takes it on Veronica, if she hadn’t interrupted the wedding. Jorge would have been happy and celebrating at this moment. Virginia cries and curses Veronica back in her room. She feels all her sacrifices were for nothing. Daniel calls her to check on her. He tells her to change her tactics if she wants to start at fresh. He lied to her that he burned the letters and pictures. He tells her he needs money and doesn’t care how she will get it.

  Botel reminds Salma and Veronica that Jorge is in a delicate condition. He asks them to calm down or leave the room. Salma bangs on Emiliano’s door and asks him to open the door.
He hopes she didn’t come to convince him about Virginia. Salma tries to defend Virginia but Emilian disagrees and tells her the only person lying is her precious Virginia. Salma defends Virginia and they end up arguing until he tells her he now realized why she always fights with his father. Salma asks him if she is also responsible that Jorge is sick at the moment.

  Emiliano decides to go and check on him when Virginia enters his room. Emiliano blames her for his father illness but realized she doesn’t care about what happen to him. She asks him not to say that, and asks him if how much her Jorge and Salma mean to her. He guests they mean a lot of millions to her. Emiliano wonders if her conscience doesn’t bother her and reminds her that Demetrio died because of her. She tells Demetrio killed himself because he was a coward; she isn’t to blame for that. Moreover she has already told him Veronica story was a lie. Emiliano yells at her keep quiet. He doesn’t want to see her again in his life and in this house. She tells him she is not leaving this house. The house belongs to him as well as her. Emiliano tells her at long last, she is showing her true character. Veronica stays behind to take care of Jorge. Emiliano join them to check on him, Jorge is feeling better.
He wants to know how Emiliano is doing. Emiliano tells him he feels like a heavy load has been lifted from his shoulders. Jorge apologies to Veronica for believing in Virginia lie.

  Martin runs into Virginia in the garden and calls her name. She plays calm and asks him what the matter is. Martin furiously tells her she is responsible for his brother’s death. She tells him she only told the truth. She doesn’t know why no one believes her. Martin gets violent and grabs her hand, she pleads he let her go because he is hurting her. Martin can’t believe she made him take his revenge on the wrong person. Emiliano informs his father he asks Virginia to leave the house. Jorge doesn’t agree with his decision and feels Salma will refuse it. Veronica advises him doesn’t ruin his marriage over this issue but Jorge tells her it is a bit too late. Virginia doesn’t give up; she still insists that she innocent. She tells Martin he did the right things to take his revenge on Veronica for his brother’s death. Demetrio was in love with her but Veronica seduces him and took him away from her. Virginia cleans her tears and says to herself that Martin just gave her the best wedding gift.

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