Colour Of Love Episode 14



When she opened the door and saw Ryan, she couldn’t control herself. She screamed loud to draw her friends attention and even her neighbours.   When her friends heard it, they also quickly came to see what was happening there. Because the shout scared them. 

For about 5mins, she couldn’t utter a word. She was speechless and didn’t know what to do or say. She started sweating as if someone had poured water on her. 

Her friends asked her what was it. One of her friends instantly  recognised Ryan because they had seen so much pictures of him which Adriana showed to them. 

The girl was like “oh my God he is Ryan” Adriana nodded her head with a yes sign. They told him to  come inside 

Adriana was still surprised about how Ryan even located her house. She came to sit beside him. She finally opened her mouth to talk. 

Adriana : Ryan I still can’t believe this. How come you didn’t tell me anything about this? I gave you my address and you tried coming to look for me.

Ryan : yes baby I wanted to surprise you. And want the two of us to spend more time together. 

She then introduced him to her friends. Girls this is Ryan my boyfriend I have been talking to you about. He is the king of my heart and my everything. 

The girl was already in love with Ryan. After they had all finished eating, her friends asked for their leave. Now the show has left for these two love birds. 

Adriana quickly came to sit on Ryan’s laps and crossed her hands around her neck and looked straight into his eyes.  I have never ever be with a man before.  You are my first and last man. Please never leave me alone.

After she finished speaking, she landed a kiss on his mouth.  It was getting deeper and deeper which was leading to sex. But Ryan being a gentleman, he stopped her from going deep. She quickly apologised to him.

They had a lot of fun that day.  The next day, they both went out to continue their enjoyment. Later they came home, they both called Mr and Mrs Willington. They were really happy to hear from Ryan with Adriana especially in the Uk. 

Adriana’s friend came to the house that evening pretending to see Adriana, but she came with a different motive. When she came there, Adriana was surprised to her. 

Adriana : Britney what are doing here at this time? And I wasn’t expecting you here.

Britney : well I was in the neighborhood and decided to pass by and see you.

Adriana : oh ok just come in.

Britney : hi Ryan

Ryan : hello  

To be continued.


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