Lo Imperdonable (Unforgivable) Episode 82



  Virginia cleans her tears and says to herself that Martin just gave her the best wedding gift. Claudia cries over Martin. Virginia goes in and tells Veronica that Martin married her for revenge. Veronica asks her what she is talking. Virginia laughs and tells her Martin married her to avenge the death of his brother Demetrio. Veronica refuses to believe her and tries to leave but Virginia stops her. Virginia tells her Martin doesn’t love her. He already planned the wedding before he even met her.

  Blanquita wonders what will happen to Ana Perla when Cresencio find out about her pregnancy. Blanquita tries to convince Ana Perla to tell the truth to Pablo. Ana Perla refuses because Manuel may end up killing him.

  Veronica recalls some conversations she had with Martin on Emiliano welcoming party. Martin refusing to made love to her during their honeymoon. The conversation she had with the priest about Martin revenge and cries. Ana Perla tells her grandfather she can’t marry Eleazer. She is expecting a child; she is pregnant with Pablo’s child. Cresencio gets angry and slaps her. Raymunda prevents him from beating her. She also scolds Ana Perla, and asks Blanquita if she was aware. Ana Perla tells her no, Blanquita knows nothing.

  Manuel orders her to keep quiet, and tells him Blanquita is aware. Manuel tells her she brought shame on him and the entire family. Manuel suggests they kill Pablo but Cresencio tells him no. Manuel reminds Cresencio that he warns him Ana Perla will repeat his sister’s story. Eleazer enters with a bouquet of flower and overhears them. Ana Perla confirms that she is pregnant. He drops the flowers and tells her he can’t marry her.

  Martin returns and tells Veronica he has something very important to discuss with her. She asks him if it is about his revenge. Martin realized his last secret is finally out. Veronica yells at him that he married to take revenge for his brother’s death. Martin doesn’t denies, he was also fooled by Virginia and he believed in her lie. Veronica gets angry and slaps him. He plans everything to make her suffer for something didn’t even commit. Martin begs her to forgive him and assures her he loves her. Veronica asks him not to talk to her about love. What he did to her is unforgivable. She assures him he is as dead as his brother to her.

  Eleazer accuses Ana Perla of trying to push him into a marriage for him to accept someone else child. Ana Perla tells him she had no intention of doing that. She doesn’t love him and had no intention of marrying him in the first place. She removes his ring and gives it back to him. Ana Perla tells Cresencio she has no regret of what happen with Pablo. She gave herself to him for love; Cresencio slaps her and asks her to keep quiet.

  Martin tries to sweet talk Veronica but this time it doesn’t work. Matilde goes into Virginia’s room and see her tablet on the bed. She opens it and sees another picture of naked Virginia and Demetrio kissing in bed. Martin assures Veronica that she is the love of his life and begs her to forgive him. Cresencio tries to use his stick on Ana Perla but Polo intervenes. He holds her old man and tells him his father said a man should never beat a woman. Crescencio pushes him aside and tries to strike but Raymunda stops him. Emiliano walks on Martin and Veronica arguing, he hides and listen to them. Veronica reminds him that she gave everything up for him. He maltreated her, and rejected in her bed, does he know how it feels to be rejected by the man you love. She puts up with everything because she loves him but not anymore. Martin begs her and tries to hug but she refuses and they start struggling until Emiliano finally comes down. He runs to Martin and punches him. He tells Martin he knew Veronica was suffering but not to this point. Veronica tries to stop Emiliano but he refuses.

  He reminds Martin that he warns him not to make Veronica suffer or else he will deal with him. Emiliano tries to throw the second punches but Martin punches him first. Game on, they are ready to fight. Manuel tries to hurt Ana Perla but Julio intervenes and tells him he won’t allow him. Martin and Emiliano continue to throw punches at each and rolling all over the place. Veronica screams until Jorge and Matilde hear them and Jorge decides to join them. Manuel tries to pick up a fight with Julio for challenging him. Julio ends up confessing to them that he is in love with Ana Perla. Cresencio reminds him that he is a servant and cannot fall in love with his granddaughter. Julio also reminds that Love doesn’t discriminate. He doesn’t care whether she is pregnant or not. Veronica gives her wedding ring back to Martin and asks him to leave. Virginia calls Mariana and reproaches her for not defending her. Mariana reminds her that they were in a church, she couldn’t lie. Virginia tells her she is happy that Pablo left her. Mariana agrees that Pablo left her but at least she wasn’t left at the altar. Pablo goes to the hospital and tries to convince the nurse to give him Cresencio’s address.

  Jorge asks Martin to leave. Martin wants to talk to her but Veronica refuses to listen. Martin turns to Jorge and tries to explain but Jorge tells him he doesn’t need any explanation and asks him to leave. Martin finally leaves and Matilde follows him. Virginia recalls her love making moment with Demetrio. She watches their pictures on her tablets and curses Veronica. Crescencio swear to Ana Perla he will kill Pablo himself for taking advantage of her. Ana Perla tells him he didn’t she gave herself to him. Pablo shows up in the middle of Ana Perla and Cresencio conversation. Mariana overhears Daniel and Virginia’s conversation about her fake illness. Cresencio pushes Pablo into the chair and start hitting him with his stick.

  He calls Manuel and Julio to help him kill him. Ana Perla asks them to kill her first. Manuel brutally throws her on the floor and she collapses. Julio drags Pablo out of the apartment. Martin wants Matilde to listen to him but she also refuses because she warns him not to hurt her. Just like Nancyiaga said, she is not going to separate them but the secret will.

  Julio confesses to Pablo he is also in love with Ana Perla. He had his opportunity to make her happy but hurt her. He warns Pablo that he is also going to try and win Ana Perla over and make her happy. Pablo sneaks into Ana Perla’s room through the window.

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