In today’s episode,

Martin speaks with veronica to forgive him since he now believes her as he was also a victim to Virginia’s lies but veronica says to him that she is not done clearing her name and will not rest until that is done and will prove herself to him since he’s doubted her always.
Jorge command all to move straight to the house to check on those letters and pictures and was they leave, Virginia takes Mariana’s phone to make a call to Daniel threatening him that she hopes that he did disposed of the box because if not and the family get hold of it, the two of them will not get anything.

Ana Perla gains consciousness and Crescencio recommends that she sees a doctor for check up to know exactly what is wrong with her. So Blankita and Raymunda accompany her to see the doctor and after Daniel declares to her that she is pregnant but she pleaded with Daniel not to tell any of her relatives because she will do it herself.

The family arrive home and to their surprise there was no box found containing those photos and letter and Matilde becomes so disturbed since there was nothing to prove veronica’s innocence. Virginia then within her thanked her stars that Daniel did exactly what she ordered. She then tells the family that all those sayings were just to destroy her marriage with Emiliano since veronica was jealous of her and also Matilde hates her but Jorge and Emiliano tells her that Matilde had no reason to make that scandal if she had seen nothing of that sort. But she continues to share that her crocodile tears but no one gets move about her tears anymore.

Emiliano and Martin then confront Virginia on why she has to push Demetrio to kill himself all because of her selfish interest and still she claims that veronica is the opportunist among them but Emiliano made everything clear to her that if that were so veronica would have married him instead of martin because upon all the living condition in Mina Escondida, veronica still preferred to be with martin when he hadn’t even revealed to her that she had a gold mine whatsoever. Martin then added up that if she is going to prove them wrong then Nanciyaga can also testify since she cleared things up that veronica isn’t the bad woman rather she Virginia is.

Salma thinks veronica shouldn’t step a foot in the house again and also Jorge shouldn’t have given her part of his fortune after causing all those tragic scene but Jorge corrects her that the person they must be careful of is Virginia and not veronica but because she is blinded by her lies she continues to back her but Salma sees no sense in it and she also tells Jorge that she is blinded by Virginia as veronica has also blinded him.

Virginia tries convincing Emiliano with her tears that he never succumb to veronica’s lies rather should accept to let them get married since he is all she wants so they can arrange for the registrar to come over to the house to help them with a civil wedding but Emiliano snubs her and upon several conversation he asks her to pack all of her stuffs and leave their house.

Pablo tries drawing but it hurt so much that he couldn’t even hold a pencil and it comes like the heavens is falling down on him and begins to ransack the items for painting but his mum calms him down. Within a minute a messenger arrives with some of Pablo’s paintings sent by Dussage to him since he left it at the hotel and these paintings were the paintings of Ana Perla. After the messenger left, the landlord arrive to take his rent arrears and upon seeing Perla’s painting, he requests that they pay the rent with that portrait but Pablo refused giving it out since it’s was made particularly for the love of his life and suggested that he chooses a different one but the landlord states that its either that portrait or vacate the house. So Pablo had no choice than to give him the portrait.

Martin tries begging for forgiveness from veronica but she still stands on her words that there is nothing to forgive because he had all the time to tell her the truth to her face but he preferred believing in some people rather than her.

Daniel calls Virginia to give him a lot of money if not he is going to show those pictures and letters to her family.

Jorge and Emiliano beg veronica to forgive them for doubting her dignity and integrity and veronica understood that it wasn’t their fault but Virginia blindfolded them but thank God that they now know the truth.

Martin grows so furious at Virginia since she’s made the woman he loved to despise him because she doubted her so he confronts her to tell her how he feels like killing her that moment for all the harms he’s made him caused veronica when she (Virginia) was rather the bad person. In the heat of his furiousness he spills out the truth about his marriage to Virginia that he was supposed to marry the woman who pushed his brother to his grave to take revenge on her and that should have been her but looking at the mere little face she has, neither he nor no one was able to suspect that she was the opportunist and wicked one. He therefore swears that he is going to make her pay for everything. After he left, Virginia thanked her fate that martin has spilled the truth out about his idea to getting married to veronica and she calls it as the best wedding present she could have.

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