THE BLUE WINDOW Season 2 Episode 9


I lay in bed feeling odd, I wasn’t sure I was going to school today, I felt sick, I felt nauseous and dizzy but I didn’t know what to do, I felt my phone vibrate and picked it up.

It was Rasheeda. I spoke to her and explained what was wrong with me, she was silent for a while and asked if my mom was home, I said no. About an hour later I heard the bell ring and went out, it was Rasheeda.

She entered without a word, we walked to my bedroom before she handed me something.

“What’s that?” I asked as I opened the package.

Realization dawned on me, Rasheeda was smarter than me, it hadn’t occurred to me that this could be what was wrong with me, it was a pregnancy kit, with Kwesi, we practiced the withdrawal method and I had never used a condom with him.

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I trembled but Rasheeda asked me to relax and be sure. She waited as I went to the bathroom and checked, five minutes later I was crying hysterically, yes, I was pregnant; I was carrying Kwesi’s baby.

I thought of what my mom had said, how she had threatened to send me to the village if anything like this ever happened to me. I wept bitterly and thanked Rasheeda for her help; I made her swear to me not to tell anyone including Fred which she did before leaving.

I needed to tell Kwesi so we know what to do before my mom found out, or worse, my dad. I put the test kit in the dustbin and headed for Kwesi’s house. If I had been wise enough, I would have given the kit back to Rasheeda to take far away,  for putting it in the dustbin was my biggest mistake yet.

What mistake had Eli made? find out in the final episode of Season 2