In today’s episode,

Manuel after speaking with Mariana and getting every bit of information he needs, arrives home to tell his grandfather that Pablo fooled them all because he had a fiancé from the city who has come into their town to look for Pablo since they have done everything to even have their wedding. Crescencio then becomes disappointed and as usual, he begins to have his heart attack whiles Manuel sits to enjoy his grandpa’s disappointment.

Ana Perla locks herself inside and cries all she can, refusing to listen to anyone.

Claudia tells her family problems to Dussage more especially about her father’s illness which has made her to decide on starting her new job as soon as possible but Dussage assures her not to think of working because as from that moment he is going to see to all of her needs including her family. Claudia becomes so overwhelmed and thanked him for accepting to help her and family.

Crescencio goes to ask Ana Perla about all what Manuel has told him and after she confirms it, he tells her that this was the reason why he never wanted to give her away to an outsider because they are simply abusive and nothing good comes from them therefore, he is never going to allow her see Pablo again because Manuel is going to teach him a lesson Pablo will never forget because he doesn’t deserve to live but she pleaded on behalf of Pablo though grandpa resists.

Veronica discovers her necklace in Martin’s purse and she finds it so strange so she asks him why he has her necklace all these while and Martin lies once again that one of the workers found it  and brought it to him at the Doctor’s office during fire outbreak and gave it to him but because she was in coma he kept it in his purse and he forgot to give it back to her but Veronica felt that he was trying to hide something from her.

Pablo upon reaching the hotel, cries his eyes out and prays to God to help him solve this problem and gain Ana Perla’s love again though he isn’t worthy but she is the love of his life and can’t lose her like that.

Suddenly, Manuel enters his room to attack him with a knife for making a fool out of his sister and no amount of words from Pablo could stop him from his decision to hurt him. Fortunately for Pablo, Veronica and Martin overhear their struggles so they go there to rescue Pablo. Manuel then becomes annoyed and spills the beans out of his mouth impulsively that he should have poured more alcohol into the fire to have Martin and Veronica burn to ashes. They then ask if he was the one who started the fire and since he said it impulsively due to anger, he lies that he was just passing by and saw the spread of the fire but because he was warned by him to stay away from them, he passed by. Veronica and Martin then grew furious at him and within a minute, Julio enters to take Manuel away.

Veronica and martin counsel Pablo that he should admit that he has made a mistake by not clearing things with Mariana first before getting involved with Ana Perla therefore he has to take the responsibility for his actions and not ship blame on anyone but Pablo thinks Mariana should have noticed that he doesn’t love her again after such a long silence between them but he does admit it that he was a fool but now the one he loves is Ana Perla. 


Aaron and Clement still on the move and this time it’s for Clement to try harassing Jorge’s secretary when he sees her come out of the corporation and he Aaron will try defending the lady and with that, he will try winning the lady’s confidence to derive information from her concerning Jorge and Veronica and their plan works perfectly for them.

Aaron after the supposed defending of the lady, takes her to have coffee and fortunately for Aaron, the lady receives a call from Veronica telling her that she will be coming over to the corporation the next day at a particular time and Aaron just jotted it in his mind saying to himself that this was all he needed.

Manuel tells Crescencio that he saw Ana Perla’s naked painting in Pablo’s room and that means that she offered herself to him and quickly Ana Perla comes out of her room to ask her grandpa not to believe Manuel because Pablo never made her his woman but still Crescencio suspected something and thinking that history was about repeating itself so he says, he collapses right that minute. Manuel gets closer to him and says he wishes that he dies but before that he has to make sure that he has him as the heir to his inheritance.

Julio calls for Botel and he goes to check on Crescencio and fortunately, he comes out of coma and concludes to Raymunda and Joaquin that he is going to allow his grandson Eliezar to Marry Ana Perla. Whiles talking, Manuel enters and Crescencio congratulates him for proving to him that he is a good person and therefore he is asking him to come back and stay in the house and after, he will give him back his position at the mine.

Salma requests that Jorge goes with her to Cancun but he tells her that he has many things to attend to therefore if she wishes to go, she can with Nicholas since he will be carrying some documents to Emiliano at Cancun. Salma tells him that with or without Nicholas, she is going.

Pablo goes to speak with Perla to clear things but she refuses to listen and closed the door in his face.

Mariana overhears Veronica advising Pablo to clear things up with Mariana so he can be with Perla and quickly she comes out to question Veronica as to why she gave that advise to Pablo. Veronica then tells her that she is sorry saying that but it is time she accepts that Pablo isn’t interested in her again so that she can move on in life but Mariana tells her that she now believes everything Virginia has been telling her about Veronica and hearing this confirms it all that she is the most evil person she’s ever seen.

Pablo goes again to speak with Crescencio but he tells him that he is ready to marry
her off to his godson but Pablo refuses to let him do that because he has asked Mariana to come and explain things to them that they broke up. Before he could end his speech, Mariana enters to add more soar to injury by stating that she and Pablo are getting married soon.
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