My name is Cynthia omorka I am a member of Christ Embassy Cyberjaya.

What you are about to read happened to me and this is nothing but the mercies of God and a proof to the world that the word of God can raise the dead.

On Sunday the 6th of March being a Sunday I was in church, I was healthy and full of life. Infact after service that day I went home sound and went out with a few friends for movies.

On getting home, around 10pm I suddenly started to feel uneasy, breathing became difficult I felt a tightening in my chest it was as if my heart was about to explode.

I could not even talk to my housemates who were having conversations and others going about normal house shores.

As the pain continued I thought to drink water hoping the water will ease the pain. That was the last I remember, I had fallen on the floor my housemates rushed to me trying to revive me some pouring water and others putting spoon and different things in my mouth.

I looked around and I was out of my body I saw myself struggling so hard for breath and then it all became dark

I saw myself on a path with other people just walking, I Tried asking them where this was but no one answered me. It dawned on me, this was not the world I was used to, I was in another world. I knew I didn’t want to be here but the truth was I didn’t know how to get out of there.

So I continued on the road that seemed like it had no end When suddenly I started hearing voices, the voices soon became very loud and i could pick out my pastor’s voice, she was calling for me. She kept saying

“Sister Cynthia you cannot die I call you back to life in the name of Jesus”

I looked around in the darkness trying to see where the voice was coming from but I couldn’t see any thing.

Around me started shaking but I as I looked, the others were just going straight in what seemed like a flash of bright light, I found myself in another room, I saw doctors and nurses moving up and down and then my pastor was there with two other pastors who I later got to know where pastor Lionel and pastor Chris from christ Embassy Lagoon perdana.

They were speaking in tongues and praying around my lifeless body. The doctors were telling my pastor I wasn’t responding, she was telling them I cannot die.

As I look around i began to see some dead relatives of mine calling me as I refused to follow them I kept listening to the prayers when I felt a push towards the bed where my body was and then it was dark again but this time I began to feel my heart beating.

I was back in my body I opened my eyes the doctors at this time asked them to go out as they started attending to me fixing oxygen mask and drip . I told them to call the pastors back, my pastor came into the Emergency room and I told her there were people who wants to take me away She said to me

“Cynthia, you will go nowhere, I am a principality and ones I show up demons disappear, therefore no one can take you away”

She told me to keep confessing these words

” I have the life of God in me, this life is Zoe therefore o cannot die”.

I kept repeating the words right under the oxygen mask faith began to build up inside of me and I started remembering my serving in the house of God and that Sunday was a partnership Sunday, my pastor had said if you are a partner you cannot die anyhow, I remembered my partnership and though my body was very weak, I began to fight to live.

This was about past 4am in the morning two hours later all test results and scan done on me showed nothing was wrong with me. Right inside of me I knew I had won the battle. I was discharged home that same morning and as I share this testimony with you I am in good health.

I just want to thank the Lord for bringing me back to life. To my pastor and mother Pastor Princess you are a blessing and a true minister of God,

Thank you pastor Lionel and pastor Chris, you are true men of God. May God bless you all and continue to use you mightily for his work here on earth.

Thank you to my housemates who called pastor sister gift.

Thank you to the leaders of Christ embassy Cyberjaya who took me to the hospital and to all members and my friends who came to the hospital and witnessed this miracle.

Indeed there is power in the name of Jesus. Please share and let the world know that Jesus is alife.

Cynthia Omorka.


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