“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 10



Adzo however didn’t know the danger the child was exposed to until the incident happened. She was still ignorant of this whole city life living.

Nhyira’s black pupil had disappeared and her face turned pale. Nana initially didn’t know what to do. He then had no option than to rush Nhyira to the hospital leaving Adzo behind.

Adzo sat on the floor at the sitting and kept on crying. She was shaking all over her body out of fear even to the extent of blaming herself for what had befallen Nhyira. Now she began to see herself as a point of calamity. Where ever she went, bad news followed her. She felt that she was the center of everything. Adzo was just afraid.

Right from birth, happiness was something she hardly came across. Her mother’s death, what she went through at the hands of Mr.Abdul and Aziz and just when she thought she had found happiness and hope at the hands of Ruby and Fred, Ruby’s father passed away as she was made to believe that she was the one responsible for the death.

She was then driven out of the house  and when she came across this Good Samaritan who happens to be Ruby’s friend and that very day his daughter Nhyira has been electrocuted. The more she sat on the floor and stayed in the house, the more she felt responsible for what had happened.

Without thinking twice, she just took her back and went into an exile not knowing where she was going or who she was going to. She just couldn’t bare what was happening to her any longer. Somehow, she knew whatever happened had to do with her. At this point, all that she thought was that, no one was safe at her side.

Fred was eavesdropping while Ruby and her mother kept on questioning each other at Ruby’s mother’s room.

“Look, there is something you should know about Adzo, she is not the person you think she is.” Ruby’s mother said.

“Mum, how long have you known her, as far as am concerned Adzo has been very honest with me than my own mother” Ruby said.

“Mind how you talk to me, I’m still your mother” Ruby’s mother said.

“Then why are you hiding the autopsy away from me then? Ruby just popped out the question that stunned her mother.

Her face completely dropped as you notice from her look that she was not expecting Ruby to ask her that question or even find out about the autopsy result. She had to device a new strategy to justify herself.

“How did you know about the autopsy” Ruby’s mother asked.

“It’s wouldn’t change anything Mum, Why were you hiding things from me” Ruby asked.

She then asked her to sit beside her on the bed. That was when she began telling her everything.

“Ruby, there is something you don’t know about Adzo. Did you know that Adzo ones lived with Mr. Abdul? She asked.

“Yes I know and I know how cruel he treated her. I met that young guy before I came home with Adzo and Fred. Just that I didn’t know that he was the same man she was referring to” Ruby said.

“hmm,I see she has already brain washed you, I don’t know what Adzo told you but I know she has been lying to you. Efe was once with Mr. Abdul and you see how serviceable and respectful she is. Is Adzo better off than her? Ruby’s mother asked.

Ruby sat down very quiet, she felt that maybe Adzo hasn’t told the entire truth and this made her wondered whether she had done the right thing. It was easy for her mother to manipulate her, because she knew her daughter very well. Notwithstanding, Ruby didn’t judge quickly, she kept on thinking of how helpful Adzo has been ever since she came to their abode.  She was the only who gave Ruby the listening ears she needed when Fred abandoned her.

Ruby couldn’t listen to her mother anymore. Her mother made her feel she that she had done a terrible mistake by bringing Adzo under their care.  Ruby now wanted to confront Mr. Abdul. Indeed she was really a confused lady now that she had even forgotten about the autopsy.

She stood up from the bed and left her mother’s room only to find Fred eavesdropping behind her mother’s bedroom door. Such an embarrassment.

Fred couldn’t do anything more, as he was caught right in the act. She just shook her head and left him in his shameful state.

Upon getting to the sitting room, she found out that Mr. Abdul and Aziz were both not there. To her amazement they had already left.

Without thinking twice she decided to go back to Nana’s house and meet Adzo. For now, her only motive was to get the root of the matter right that very day.

She hurriedly went there and found the gate to the main entrance widely opened. She went inside and headed straight towards the living room.

By then, Nana had already arrived from the hospital alone with his face buried in his arms. It’s seemed he had been sobbing for a while now.

Ruby was surprise to see him in that state and asked him what the problem could be.
Nana was silent and couldn’t utter a word. Ruby looked around to see if she would find Adzo, but she or Nhyira were nowhere to be found.

“Nana, what is going on? Where is everyone? Ruby asked.

Tears slowly rolled down from his eyes and this got Ruby more scared.
“Nana, what is it?  You’re scaring me? She asked again.

“Ruby, It’s Nhyi? He said.

“Yes, where is she and Adzo, Nana talk to me? Ruby asked.

“Nhyi is ………………………………………………..

To be continued




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