In toaday’s episode,

Botel arranges for the police immediately Magdalene told him that Aaron will be coming over to pay her a visit. Soon after, the police arrive with their gadgets and they coach Magdalene to speak to Aaron without any tension if not he is going to suspect something fishy and Magdalene answers Aaron’s call as perfectly as they expected as soon as he called to inform her that he is coming over.

Nanciyaga discloses to Hilary that the one she is in love with is Martin and Hilary reminds her that Martin is a married man but Nanciyaga still shedding tears, tells her that their marriage is only going to be for a while because her heart loves him so much but the elders state a different destiny altogether and that makes it so painful to bear since she doesn’t know what to do as she also has a strong feeling for Emiliano.

After Jorge tells Emiliano that he was the one who restricted Veronica from calling them again so not to cause any problems for him, he confronts his father on why he has to even do such a thing because if Veronica indeed needed to speak to him, it may be that she was in great trouble or needed help. Jorge then asks him if he is going to be able to handle Veronica while trying to be with Virginia and anxiousness falls on Emiliano and he says to him that he can’t handle it.


The police split themselves on the balcony and as soon as Aaron enters the hotel, they try doing everything but he exchanged gun shots with them. Unfortunately Aaron gets shot in the hand but he manages to escape the police and run into his car asking Clement to drive off and he quickly tells Clement that Magdalena is going to pay for making a fool out of him by arranging for the authorities.


Botel runs back to tell Magdalene about the situation and she becomes so nervous knowing how wicked Aaron can be. Botel then suggests that she returns with him to mina Escondida to be far away from Aaron and she agrees.


Magdalene and Botel bump into the Prado Castelos and imagining how wonderful they have brought Veronica up, she becomes so overwhelmed and not being able to control herself, she says a big thanks to them in a great way that they enquire why she does that and just when she was about spilling the beans, Botel interrupted and told them that they finally found her daughter. After they left, Botel asks her to calm down since DNA tests haven’t been done and also there’a way of saying everything and that is not the time for that.

Martin surprises Veronica by organizing all of the people in the community to the canteen to show them a movie and to her surprise, it was their wedding video and she becomes so happy with that great surprise, the people also enjoyed it to the maximum and they begin to tell how wonderful the wedding looks and Crescencio takes the opportunity to invite all of them to the wedding of her granddaughter and this brings great happiness to all. 

Before the movie could start, Nanciyaga arrives to ask all of them especially Martin why they chose not to invite her or is it that they do not want her in the community again? Martin then says to her that he actually wants her there because she is also part of the community and Veronica also responds that she also wants her there but the only thing she wants her to understand is that Martin is  her husband and she (Nanciyaga) has to respect that. Crescencio then gets angry and was just about to query Nanciyaga for trying to lure someone’s husband and not being the decent person everyone recognizes her to be but Veronica immediately tells him that isn’t what she insinuated because so far as she knows, Nanciyaga is the most decent woman in the community but they just have a little misunderstanding about something and that is all. Nanciyaga then calms down and tells Veronica that she understands her perfectly. Martin then sits beside Veronica to thank her for being so secretive and hopes that Nanciyaga understands it.


To be able to get Claudia far away from Emiliano, Salma asks her friend Montserrat to offer her a job which will always keep her busy in her (Montserrat) company as Virginia requested and Montserrat also agrees and they call Claudia to ask her to come over so they can talk concerning the job.

Martin appeals to Veronica not to heed to the words that come from Nanciyaga and no matter what she does, they are never going to be separated and Veronica asks him the things he thinks Nanciyaga can say to separate them and Martin’s answer since it’s a lie, comes with stammering as usual but Veronica assures him that she can’t love anyone apart from him so there is no point worrying about that but if Nanciyaga is to stand in her way, she will have to contend with her.