The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 11


I rushed out immediately running towards the gate before i heard my name from a familiar voice, and it was from the first class wing. I turned around to see Mirabel, she looked surprised while i was shocked….

Mirabel: Victor?

Me: Hi Mirabel…

Mirabel: What are u doing here?

Me: Wow what a surprise, U live here? (Trying to change the topic)

Mirabel: Yea

Me: Woah… Nice environment u got here

Mirabel: Thank U

Me: So… are u going out or something?

Mirabel: No, not at all

Me: I thought u are, u know… seeing u dressed like this

Mirabel: No I’m not, just felt like taking a walk

Me: I see… Thats good

Mirabel: Yea,,, so your friends live around here?

Me: U know what? how about we take a walk together?

Mirabel: I’m exhausted already,,, i just came back before i saw u. Would u like to come in to my place?

Me: I’d like to,,, but its getting late already U know, i need to go now. Wait, how did u get my number and my address?

Mirabel: Okay then, see u tomorrow *Walks away* Didn’t she hear my question? I was about to call her back but i lost my voice, i just walked out, took a bike headed to my room. I laid on my bed with so many thoughts running in my head. Lola and Cynthia might be dangerous to my new personality, i mean they almost breach my decision in abstaining from freestyle s£x.

That was a close call earlier today, i won’t deny the fact that, those girls were super hot… they got all the features that every dirty-minded guy would desire. If i should remember my days back in secondary school from primary, i wouldn’t have believed that i could resist such thing ever.

Back when i was the baddest with my guy Peter aka Nextangel whom i brought into the game. As at now, if anything should kill Nextangel, it would be the thing or the path that he passes through into this world.

I made a fool out of Promise, it wasn’t intentional na, it was just to save myself from the temptations of the daughters of eve. So… i’d explain to her or better still, appease her.

Mirabel, hmmm… I think she’s not happy with me. I diverted her questions twice ‘coz i don’t want to lie. I didn’t agree to go into her place when she offered. I didn’t even know why i asked her the question about how she got my number and address, but hey…i need to know ‘coz its a misery to me.

Is she doing some background check on me or what? I remember when she said that ” Yet people say you’re cool”. I need to make it up to her.

Those useless friends of mine Titus, Pizzaro and Frankkay haven’t bring back what they took from me yet, we shall meet at school tomorrow. I’ve ate a lot already, so… no need to prepare another food. But that won’t stop me from drinking some yoghurt.


The first semester examination is around the corner, some Lecturers are done with us remaining just few. In the absence of no lectures at the moment, i sat down at a corner reading where there is less noise.

Promise: Hey!

Me: *Smiling* Hi Promise

Promise: Whats wrong with u?

Me: Nothing really, u look pretty today whats up? (I know she loves compliments)

Promise: Answer me!

Me: C’mon now u think i’m flattering u right?

Promise: Leave me

Me: U know i don’t say such thing everyday

Promise: I hear u

Me: U look beautiful today

Promise: I said i’ve heard u * Blushing*

Me: I didn’t hear u say ‘Thank U’

Promise: Thank U! Happy now?

Me: Why would i be happy? U should be happy

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: U know what?

Promise: *Silent*

Me: U know What!

Promise: What!

Me: Smiles

Promise: What na?

Me: Alright, U are my friend and U’re pretty. I’m thinking of giving U a nick

Promise: Nick kwa!

Me: Yea

Promise: Nick like?


Promise: Are u joking?

Me: U don’t like it?

Promise: Of course i don’t

Me: Hhmmm, what about ermm… Prom?

Promise: What? Are u kidding me?
Me: U like it?

Promise: Hell no! U want others to be making fun of me by calling me ‘Prom Queen’ or even ‘Prom night’? No way!!

Me: What about… Prommy?

Promise: U know what?

Me: What?

Promise: Keep your nick, I’m fine with my name

Me: C’mon don’t be like that

Promise: Why won’t i be? Prommy?? Mummy?? Mammy??

Me: Alright forget it

Promise: Yea

Me: Wait a minute..

Promise: What now?!

Me: Would U want me to be calling U ‘Promzy’?

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: What? U still don’t like it?!

Promise: It actually sounds nice

Me: So…??

Promise: I like it… yea, call me Promzy

Me: Promzy?

Promise: Yea? We both laughed*

Me: Alright, Promzy it is Promzy:

Yea We read together for about two hours before rounding up. Promzy left to go and take care of something while I went to look for Mirabel. I spotted her at the Eatery she normally went to. I don’t want to go in there so I waited for her around her car.

After many minutes of waiting, next thing i heard was… Male Bodyguard: Hey! What are U doing there?

Me: Noth…

Female Bodyguard: Shut up! Show me where U fixed the bomb now!

Me: What bomb? I’m not a terrorist

Male: Come here!! He rushed me aggressively about to harm me or something when…

Mirabel: Whats going on here Frank? Jummy…??

Frank: Miss… Sorry Mirabel, this guy looks suspicious… we saw him very close to the vehicle, we’re trying to know what he’s doing.

Mirabel: Haven’t U guys seen him before??

Frank: Yes we have

Jummy: We’ve seen him before ma, but everyone is a suspect considering the fact that you’re the pr…

Mirabel: Alright thats enough!!

Jummy: Yes ma

Mirabel: Excuse us *They step aside*

Mirabel: What do U want Victor? (Chai! This girl is really mad at me) Where do i start explaining from? What do i tell her?? Wait, Why is she even mad at me??? ☆☆☆

To Be Continued