Adzo” The Untamed Season 1Episode 11


To their amazement, Ruby’s father was lying down motionless. In fact he had given his life away that very moment.

A sudden event that got everyone at the wedding heartbroken. The wedding was halted and Ruby’s Father was taken to the hospital. It was not a different news there either. He was declared dead. However the autopsy could only be revealed after a week to see the cause of his death.

Ruby’s mother was the superstitious type, she believed that everything happened for a reason. The much anticipated wedding didn’t come off as planned and on that day Ruby’s father who was seen to be a very healthy man had all of a sudden died.

Ruby’s mother believed that his death was not a natural one but the work of a human being and she was willing to go to the extreme of finding out who was responsible for that.

The autopsy was very important to her than any other person in the family and as much as the time was not due for it to be revealed, she secretly had a prime suspect and that was no other than Adzo.

To her, Adzo’s arrival into the house had brought nothing but bad news. First of all the wedding didn’t come off as planned and now her dear husband just passed away.

The house was full of mourning and weeping. Fred tried consoling  Ruby while  other members of the family kept Ruby’s mother company as custom demanded. All the maids stood there and watched them with their sad looking faces.

Ruby who was still in her wedding gown cried over and over again. Aside all this, it was still difficult for Fred to ignore Adzo who was still elegantly dressed.

Since they came back from the hospital, no one had gotten the time to even change. They were all in the outfit they took to the wedding earlier that day.

As he kept consoling Ruby, he occasionally gazed at Adzo who was standing among the maids across the sitting room.  Her dress matched her curved body which was had for any man to ignore.

Meanwhile, Ruby’s mother in her weeping kept exclaiming that someone had a hand in her husband’s death.

“Oh God, why do you have to take him away from me? She said and wept.

“Whoever did this shall surely pay for it as far as am alive” She continued.

They got distracted when Fred had a phone call. He ignored it at first but had to pick it eventually to avoid any insecurity on the part of Ruby.

He stood up and went out to receive the call.  It was no other person than Baaba. She had returned. The call was very short and precise.

“Meet me across the street of your supposed  bride’s house” Baaba said and hung up.

Fred knew this wasn’t a good idea. He honestly didn’t want to go but thought that he could quickly see her without anyone actually noticing. And of course he thought it will be a quick and a short meeting.

Where Fred stood to receive the call, Ruby actually saw him through  the window which was just across the sitting room where all the family members had gathered.

Fred quickly left the compound and went out to meet Baaba. Her car was packed as she had said.
Before Fred reached Baaba’s car,  she opened the front door for him from inside indicating that Fred should join her in the car.

Fred did as was expected and immediately Baaba took off.

“Stop the car Babs, where are we going. Stop the Car right now!” Fred said.

Baaba kept driving on without listening to what Fred was saying.  In no time they came to a quiet place, then suddenly Baaba stopped the car and put off the engine.

“Baaba, what are we doing here? I’m not suppose to be here.” Fred said.

“Fred, you still don’t get it. You belong to me” Baaba said.

“No Baaba, it’s in the past. Whatever happened is in the past. We are no more. I’m with Ruby now.” Fred said.

“And as far as am concerned you are still not married to her” Baaba said.

Her statement stunned Fred that his words choked him.

“Who knows, maybe you aren’t meant for each other.” Baaba said in a soft voice and immediately made her way to kiss Fred.

He slowly kissed back and their old affair reignited again.

After about an hour, Baaba drove Fred back from where she picked him from. Somehow, She knew she had gotten Fred back. However, the unfortunate thing for them was that, they came back to meet Ruby standing in front of the house waiting for them.



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