The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 12


Mirabel: What do U want Victor?

Me: I thought maybe we should hang out and maybe get to know each other

Mirabel: Not interested

Me: Oh… I thought U wanted to talk all this while, why the sudden change?

Mirabel: What do U take me for Victor? what are u thinking?? That I’m some kind of girl U think U can be turning around like I’ll always be around !???

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about

Mirabel: Yea right how’d U know

Me: I’m really sorry about all that, I know i’ve been on a distance I’m honestly here to make it up to U

Mirabel: And how do U intend to do that?

Me: We could go to a nice place. U know, where they got a swimming pool, nice views and even good food what do U think?

Mirabel: I think, instead of ‘We’, how about U take me?

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: U drive?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Come pick me up by 7pm
Me: What? But… Mirabel: Shhh… No but. Guys…!!! *They came, she walks into her car as i watch her*

Mirabel: Don’t keep me waiting… That’s the last thing i heard her say through the car’s window before they zoom off.

Wait wait wait… she mean i should come with a car? How do i do that when i don’t have one?? Or i should go home and take my dad’s??? Tarr! Not a chance!! My dad will never let me take his car. He’d think i would sell it ‘coz my dad don’t trust me the way everyone else does. U know why?? ‘Coz i took after him and he knew it. As in, being a big time pretender, doing stuff secretly without the knowledge of anyone, physically gentle and shy but what is in my mind is greater than what anyone can imagine.

So… only my dad knows me a little but on a second thought, am i still bad? I don’t think so, that was then. Maybe i should rent a car. But renting a classy car for her type would cost me a lot and i hate spending money like that.

Does she want me to spend on her? No na, its totally absurd. I mean, by looking at her, she’s got everything she want. Abi na runs girl? No na, it sounds crazy, i saw how she reject those big boiz with flashy cars and what does a runs girl needs bodyguards for? Not just one but two.

Wait, bodyguards? Is she sh… wait a minute, what? Is she doing Politicians?? Maybe they provided her the bodyguards, got her first class apartment at VIPI. Maybe thats why she don’t have time for those boiz hmmm… but she’s intelligent na. Lemme not jump into conclusions yet, i should get to know her first.

I left school and left for Titus’s place to get back what they took from me. It’s not a crime to get back what is mine is it?


I got there but he wasn’t around, where could he be? Its either the brothel or at the bar. I can’t go there, so… i hit the road.

I remembered when i was bringing nextangel to the game when he was still a learner, i took him to the brothel to do ugh u know… We got there, i arranged one for him while i took the next one closest to nextangel’s.

During the sampling, i heard a loud yell from nextangel’s room and it says…

Girl: Get out my friend!

After i was done, i got out and saw nextangel already out. On walking out of the place, the following conversation took place…

Me: Guy wetin happen that time na?

Nextangel: Omoh no be small tin o…

Me: Wetin happen??

Nextangel: Guy! I dey do the girl dey do her with all my power o..

Me: Eh hen…

Nextangel: U know wetin she dey do all those while?

Me: Wetin?

Nextangel: I dey do with all the power wey i get and she busy dey chop rice. I burst into laughter…

Me: U see? Na’im make i dey tell u make u dey learn from me

Nextangel: E no finish there o…

Me: Continue na

Nextangel: When i dey do, she go dey ask me every seconds whether i never finish?

Me: hahahaha… why na?

Nextangel: I no know o.. e be like say i no reach. She ask me the question for like 13 times. The last one na’im she provoke. I just hear ‘Get out on my toto my friend’! . Na run i run comot from there o…

Me: That means u no pay her?

Nextangel: I pay before i start na

Me: Next time, u no go take fat ashe..

Nextangel: Omoh… i must sabi ‘am or die trying… I laughed that day like mad, but now he’s the baddest all thanks to me.

I took a bike to my room, to rest and think of how i’d take Mirabel out with a car. I got there, i saw a car parked in front of the building not familiar at all but it was the type of car i’ve always admired “Range Rover Sport” I went close to my door, i didn’t see no one. I opened my door and got in, i off my clothes and jumped on my bed to relax before preparing what to eat. On resting, i saw an unusual piece of paper beneath my door. I took it and opened it, what i saw shocked me. It read…


Wow! This is Awesome!! ☆☆☆ To Be Continued