In today’s episode,

The school children pay Veronica a visit and she becomes so  happy seeing them with all kinds of arts and it comes as a shock to Veronica when Ana Perla and Blanca tell her that it was Martin’s idea just to make her smile. The children then begin to shout, kiss her! Kiss her!! Kiss her!!! Which meant asking Martin to kiss Veronica and he kisses her to answer the children’s request. After the children left, Martin asks her if she really loved the surprise and she tells him that actually, he did made her smile but she still wants to separate from him. Martin then becomes worried again and left to see father Juan.

Martin tells father Juan that he is refusing to understand why Veronica continues to treat him the way she is treating him despite everything he’s trying to do to make her happy. Father Juan advises Martin to be patient and not to put pressure on her because that will certainly push her away. 


Emiliano sees Virginia in a bikini and he gets so much attracted to her that, he fails to let her even leave his sight for once. Virginia then pretends to feel bad wearing that but Emiliano continues to admire and tells her she looks more beautiful. Within a twinkle of an eye, Emiliano agrees that they both take a swim in the pool and whiles swimming, Emiliano kisses Virginia and she returns his kiss and passionately, they get going. Salma sees them and quickly she goes to call Jorge to also come take a look at it and he tells her that, he can now see that the two of them are meant for each other.


After Magdalene collapsed, Aaron takes advantage of the situation and takes pictures of the two of them and only God knows what he’s going to use those pictures for. Magdalene in a while gains consciousness and she still becomes so frightened about Aaron as to whether he is a ghost or not and he reveals to her that he isn’t a ghost but alive and Magdalene refuses to believe him since she saw his grave and the death certificate. Aaron then tells her that he made his brother; Clement to fake everything and it was to take revenge on her for abandoning him to befriend Botel. Magdalene then asks why he has to allow their daughter to die and he tells her not to worry because they still have a lot to talk about their daughter but if she dares to tell Botel that he is still alive then, she is going to lose him (Botel) forever. Magdalene then grows more and more frightened.

Martin informs Veronica about Dussage reporting the entire incidence that happened to them, to Virginia and Veronica gets mad as to why Dussage should do that since she wanted her family to hear it from her own mouth as she knows how Virginia is good at adding more soar to injury. She then wishes that Daniel discharges her so she can go to the hotel to make a call to her family and Martin offers to call Daniel for her but Veronica refuses his help and asks him to leave because she needs no help from him.
Botel returns to tell Magdalene that he’s done all the preparation for them to be able to go back to Mina Escondida since she wished to go and take care of Veronica as she requested but quickly Magdalene refuses to go again because she wishes to know what really happened to her daughter and it comes as a shock to Botel because not even the thought of Veronica  even convinced her to return.


Dussage tells Tao that his life has always being a disaster and Tao discloses to him that, he is not to get worried because he heard that Claudia dedicated all the songs she sang at the bar to him which means she is still in love with him. Dussage then says that, if that is so then he has to look for her but Tao again reveals that, she left for Mexico immediately after singing at the bar and Dussage becomes very sad.

Mariano calls Pablo from New York to inform him that, the people from the museum wants him to do his exhibition in a months’ time and Pablo thinks it’s too short but Mariana still insists but before that, they need to meet them one on one to close the deal and after she will call him back. All these while, she was going through the things she shopped for her wedding and after the call, she states that, as soon as Pablo gets to New York, everything will change for them.

Aaron meets with Clement and he shows him the seductive pictures of Magdalene and tells him that, he is going to make her suffer for a while as a punishment to Botel for taking his wife away from him and then later, tell her the truth about his daughter.

Martin considers that the best way is to give Veronica some space and rather be her attendant whenever she needs him and won’t do anything to absurd her and wont also insist that she forgives him and Veronica thinks that is also the best since she never wants to see him closer to her. Martin again tells her that as soon as she is well, he will make sure to help her get back to her family and Veronica becomes speechless.

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