Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 4


I dived into the pool with a great thud splashing a massive part of the water above the pool level. The coldness of the water sent shivers through my body which made it even more better than the heat i had felt earlier from the scorching sun. I had begun to float in the water using my legs to find my way but in no time i had barely moved when I ran short of breath.

I tried raising my head up so as to take a breath but i couldn’t because the water didn’t appear to be shallow and my legs were at the depth of the pool. Somebody heeeeeeeelllp, i cried out while struggling to gasp for breath. Clar……….. Jagaaaaaaaa Heeeeeeeelp Arrrrrrrrrrrrghh

Those were words i could only utter as I consciously swallowed in gulps of water, wishing to get out of this problem i had gotten into. I felt someone’s hands on my waist which raised me up with my head above the water level.

Waiting for no soothsayer to tell me what to do, i quickly inhaled and exhaled gasping for fresh air like someone who just ran a marathon race. The hands holding me this time, held me tighter by the waist and gently made me swam to the other side of the pool which was shallow.

I had no idea who the helper is but I was happy and relieved that I was rescued after all, i wonder what would have become of me if I had spent another minute struggle for breath.

On getting there, we brought our heads up and stood in the pool. I stared at the face of my rescuer and was surprised at who i saw but all the same I had to show appreciation.

Thank you Clara You are such a good swimmer, she giggled

You better thank your stars that you are still alive, if not you would have been thanking me in your grave, she said and swam away. I heard sound of laughter coming from the other side of the pool, i stared at where jaga was seated and saw him laughing uncontrollably with red eyeballs. I just looked away and avoided his gaze

to be continued