Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 3


I just couldn’t figure out what next to do, my leg stood on a spot resisting every urge to move towards her. Oh no, not Clara again after i had put her thoughts aside and vowed to have nothing to do with her. But come to think of it, jaga winked at me, what did he implied by that, it seems he had this planned out.

Not wanting to do anything funny, i just kept my cool and acted like I didn’t see her. What is she doing here? I asked jaga Don’t look surprised, am sure you have missed her a lot and so has she, you should be happy to see her once again, feel free and make sure you have a good time with her, he said and walked away to God knows where.

I just stared at the figure approaching me which happens to be Clara. If i had told jaga about Jenny earlier he wouldn’t have brought me here and am sure he had no idea about what happened between me and Clara the last time we met besides he once dated Clara so why putting me in the picture.

These are rhetorical questions i couldn’t help but ask myself, I felt like leaving for home immediately but it didn’t seem like a good idea to me owing to the fact that such action will be regarded as an act of childishness, I just hope of not having any regrets coming to this place.

Wow, who do we have here, Clara said on getting to where I was.

Wadup Clara

Am good Daniel, how are you?

Just the way you left me

Really i can see, just look at the way you are dressed, you are not looking bad at all, so glad you are here. I tried saying something but words refused to come out of my mouth

Come on, don’t be silly won’t you give me a hug, she said stretching her arms towards me.

Not minding the drops of water dripping from her body, i drew forward and gave her a hug, she held me tight and pressed her large boobs on me not wanting to release immediately, this action of hers signaled Dickson and am sure she did it on purpose.

Guy’s over here, jaga called disrupting our embrace. I gazed at where he was and saw him sitting with a lady at the other side of the pool with a table filled with drinks.

We walked to where he sat with my hand placed on Clara’s waist, she was just smiling showing her white set of teeth, guess she is really happy to see me, she better enjoys it while it lasts was all i told myself.

On reaching where jaga was seated, we both took a chair and sat opposite him. I see you guys are getting along, he said directing the words to none of us in particular.

Sure we are, i said grabbing a bottle of origin from the table, i stylishly stared at Clara and saw that she was still smiling, with this smile of hers i just hope she has nothing up her sleeve.

Do you care for a drink, i asked Clara with raised eyebrows *boys are not smiling*

Yeah I do, she replied taking a bottle of coke You are not taking alcohol?

Not yet, i need soft drinks just for a start.

For a start? Mehn this girl is really up to no good. The four of us did some introduction which was to the girl with jaga in particular where we got to know her name was Sarah.

We drank and ate pepper soup filled with assorted meat, along the line i was asked some awkward questions which made me felt uncomfortable but i kept my cool.

Within an hour, we had already ate and drank to our fill, having nothing else to discuss, i broke the silence.

Am going for a swim, i feel hot

May i join you, Clara asked but I just smiled

Please excuse me guys, i stood up and went into the changing room to have a change of clothes. I have never really swam in a pool before, but this being my first time i need to act like a professional who has swam in a lagoon filled with crocodiles. I just need to cool my body from the hotness i feel as a result of the scorching sun.

I came out, clad in only boxer short with my six packs *if i hear say I get six packs, who dash me * I went closer towards the edge of the pool and attempted to dive. That side of the pool is very deep, jaga voiced out Daniel noooooooo, Clara screamed but it was too late, i had already dived.

To be continued.tomorrrow