In today’s episode,
Veronica is taken to Botel’s house to be taken care of by Fernandez and since she is still unconscious, Martin becomes so much worried and after asking Fernandez about it, he tells him that, Veronica’s possibility of coming out of coma is 50/50 since she might wake up or will die. Anxiety then draws on Martin’s face and he cries all very deeply.
Teo goes to inform Dussage about the situation and Claudia cries her eyes out and pleads with Dussage to take her to see Martin though she is told that Martin is well and he takes her to see Martin. When they reached there, Dussage offers to shelter them in his hotel until he gets a new house for himself and Veronica. Martin thanked him and after Dussage excused them, he questions Claudia on why she told Veronica that Demetrio was his brother. All these while, Daniel Fernandez pretentiously slept while he listened to their conversation. Claudia then begin saying that she let the secret out impulsively since her visit to their house and meeting with Veronica generated a lot of argument. Martin therefore tells her that he never wants to see her ever again in his life for betraying him.
Emiliano and Virginia finally reach Mexico and immediately, Jorge concludes a decision on Emiliano and tells him he is taking him to the rehabilitation center after committing that act of going to Mina Escondida so impulsively and causing problems for Veronica and continue drinking. Due to that, Emiliano angrily goes to his car and drives off to the psychiatric hospital to have his mind checked up and he brings it to his father to tell him and show him that he isn’t mad to be taken to the rehabilitation center.
Daniel continues to check on Veronica and she still doesn’t show any conscious signs. Martin becomes so desperate and begins to blame himself for being the cause due to his selfishness of not letting her return to Mexico to file for the divorce.
The lady at the bar after telling father Juan that everyone was at Martin’s house to quench the fire except for Manuel, father Juan quickly suspects him as being the one who caused the fire. While he goes to look for him, he discovers him sleeping in the open, specifically in the middle of the street and after waking him up and telling him about the fire, he didn’t become surprised and so father Juan threatens him that if ever he discovers that he was the one who started that fire, he will make sure that Manuel never comes out of prison.
Martin continues to cry and hope for the best that Veronica comes out of comma because he now admits that he is an idiot for executing his brother’s revenge on her and he is prepared to turn on a new leaf to make things work but all he wants from her is to not give up if not, he is going to die too.
Though Magdalene and Botel are at the city but since blood as it’s said, is thicker than water, she dreams that Veronica is in deep trouble and needs her by her side that minute but Botel thinks she is just stressed up since she is about to meet with Clement to enquire how her daughter died.
Martin and Pablo take a tour through their burnt apartment and continuously he sheds tears and asks himself what is going to become of him if Veronica should die. Surprisingly, they discover everything in the room got burnt except for the Virgin Mary’s image that Pablo gave Veronica. Pablo then tells him that, the Virgin Mary is carrying a message to him that there is still hope for him and Veronica though Martin isn’t a religious person but that is what it means and he accepts to believe it as Pablo has said. Martin therefore takes the Virgin Mary’s Image to Veronica and says to her that, she will help her recover. He then kneels to pray for her to gain strength to recover.
Claudia meets with Dussage and she tells him that Martin has declared he doesn’t want to see her again and it hurts her so much to lose him. Dussage then asks her if she cares for Martin as a dear friend or as a lover because after seeing her and how she got so worried about Martin, he can feel that she will never see him as her lover and therefore would have to breakup with her and pretend nothing ever happened between them before she dares to tear his heart into pieces and no matter how Claudia begged him he still insists on breaking up with her and this comes as a big blow to her.
Jorge asks Virginia to tell him everything about whatever happened at Mina Escondida and she tells it to him and adds more soar to injury that Emiliano only behaves like a drunkard whenever he is with Veronica and that is what they need to support him to overcome.
Ana and Blanca take flowers to Veronica and they pray for her that she recovers.
Martin meets Nanciyaga at the river bank and he tells to her how desperate he is with all that is happening to Veronica and Nanciyaga continues to tell Martin that it is because Veronica is bad luck but Martin refuses to believe and he tells her that despite everything she did to his brother, he can tell that Veronica is a good person. Nanciyaga then speaks in parable to him that all she can say is wicked about Veronica is that, she took something which belongs to her away and there is nothing to cure that left wound in her heart but Martin finds it difficult getting what she meant. All the same, she accepts to go cure Veronica to make Martin happy. 
The detective comes to inform Botel and Magdalene that, her ex-husband’s brother Clement says he doesn’t need money again to tell Magdalene about how her daughter died but prefers to meet Magdalene alone under his own condition but she decides not to go.
Veronica comes out of comma after Nanciyaga’s treatment and Martin becomes so overwhelmed but the point is Veronica seems to have lost her memory so while Martin tries asking for her forgiveness she asks him why he does that.
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