A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 9


Pemisire had dressed up as early as possible. She was dressed neatly in a dapper and plush white collared shirt which she just bought together with the cerulean blue fitted true-to-size trouser and a pair of black sandals. She raised her head up after using her black belt and faced her friend. “How do I look?” She asked her with a smile.
“I knew it, I knew you’d ask me that question.” Helen chortled and continued. “They worth their prices, you look great dear.”
“You just made me remember Pemisayo, that’s what she did she anytime I conclude my dressing. She’d say I look good, any man who would marry us must be a great man.”
“Don’t let us talk about that again, bringing back memories will make us uncomfortable.” She cuddled her.
“Alright, Chemistry Teacher.” She laughed.
Helen hit her and laughed too. “Thank you, Mrs Bartender.”
“Anyhow, but I’m not a ‘Mrs’”
“I tell you, you will meet the man soon.” She laughed.
“I have no time for a guy now, I can’t love anyone in this predicament.”
“Girl, I tell you, you don’t know when the right man can come, be cheerful everytime.” She smiled faintly and picked up her handbag. “You will make me be the most punctual teacher at the end of the term, I do leave home like fifteen minutes after this time. Anyways, it’s a good thing.” She grinned.
“Hmmn.. You just talk like she did, you act like she did, she did tell me that no one knows when the angel might come, always look happy.” Pemisire smiled faintly and picked the handbag.
“Just be a good girl, I’ll get the planned stuff as we’ve discussed.” She smiled.
“It’s good but I don’t think it is necessary, no one knows my hideout.”
“It doesn’t matter dear.” Helen said. “I’m off.” She concluded.
“Kidney what?” Richard shouted as he flew up to his feet. He just woke up from his sleep and met himself lying on one of the sofas in their small sitting room. He got the bombshell from Jay who had been praying for him to wake up so as to hear the latest news as soon as possible.
“Failure, boy.” Jay replied him.
“Not again, not again! This is too much for her to bear, it is!” He went on his kneels crying.
“I knew you’d do this senseless thing, I knew it!” Uche hissed aloud and stood up before him. “This won’t solve the matter, if you don’t know. Now, what do we do?”
“I should be the one asking, I think surgery is the next right? I’ll donate, even the two.” He said quickly.
“Guy, use your brain! See, how can you donate two kidneys? And, for your information, you can’t donate anything.” Jay said.
“Why would I not? I think i should get going to the hospital, I want to see my bestie.”
“You now drink, a person who take alcohol like you cannot be a donor, especially when her case is very tough like this present one.” Jay said.
“Who told you? I think I really need to go.”
Richard’s phone rang. “Stephanie, how are you?” Richard asked as he picked up the call.
“I don’t have much airtime but… your attention is really needed here, it seems something is going on.” She paused.
“What? What again?” He quickly asked.
“I don’t know.” Stephanie started crying.”
“What is it? What?” Richard fainted.
Pemisire walked into the Manager’s office and bowed as she saw the woman in her early fifties that was on seat. She was seated on a burgundy leather desk chair that reclines to an almost obscene angle. There was a deep blue curtain and a cherry wood desk with a long brass-pull cord, a large office with a nice scent. “Good day ma.” She greeted.
“Yes… Destiny, how are you?” She asked her as she dropped her ball pen.
“I’m good ma.” She bowed again and smiled.
“Welcome to Hexagon Club and Bar, this is the citadel of enjoyment.” She smiled.
“Yes ma, I came as scheduled.” She said.
The Manager swiveled her chair and smiled. “Now, no time for laziness. I see that you’re a responsible lady, for you to have come here as early as possible. Now, Destiny, here you have to be totally truthful. I hate people who lie, i have a strong aversion for it. The schedule will be released soon but today, you are on morning duty which will end by 7pm.” She explained.
“Thank you ma.” She bowed again.
“So, the work starts now.” She stood up and led the way.
RICHARD got conscious after an hour of unconsciousness on the hospital bed. His eyes darted around the ward and rose up instantly, “where are they?” He asked himself and exhaled deeply.
He rushed outside and met them seated in the waiting room. “Guys!” He called them as he approached them.
“How far?” Uche rose to his feet instantly.
“How’s she?” He quickly asked.
“Still the same, what Stephanie called you for was to tell you about her parents. According to the Doctor, she’s been driven away by her parents because they don’t want her to be the donor.”
Richard opened his mouth in surprise. “Did she tell them?” He asked.
“Who knows? Doctor Kate said she will do everything within her reach to get a donor soon.”
“I can donate for God’s sake!” He shouted.
“Yes you can, but it’s dangerous to you guys’ healths.” Jay said.
Richard sighed. “What do we do? I want to see her.” He said.
“Let’s go to her ward.” Uche said and walked on.
For everything have a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time die; a time to plant, a time to harvest; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to break down and a time to heal up; a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to mourn and a time to dance
“Bestie, how are you?” Richard bustled in.
Christiana turned her head toward him and wiped the tears in her eyes. “Better.” She told him.
“Better? You can’t be better and keep on crying, tell me what has gone wrong.” He sat beside her and wiped her tears as he started his.
“Just wondering, thinking, brewing and cogitating about the life after death.”
Richard shook his head. “Impossible! You won’t die now, this is just a trial.” He told her.
Christiana smiled faintly. “Where is the donor? When did you start drinking?” She asked.
“Em… Bestie, don’t let’s talk about that now, the solution is what we should be after, for now.”
“Alright, how have you been?” She asked him.
“I should be asking you, how is the pain? Has it reduced?” He asked.
“Bro, just keep… keep praying for me.” She started breathing heavily.
“Praying to who? Is there anyone to call on? See dear, don’t be deceived, that man called God doesn’t exist.”
“Bro, he does.” She tried to convince him.
“Spare me! He doesn’t! He doesn’t! If he does, you won’t be down in pains, you won’t be in a terrible condition, those people called parents won’t be there enjoying, turning their backs at us, he doesn’t”
“He does!” Pemisire smiled as she served a bottle of wine to Richard.
“What?” Richard asked her, raising his head.
“Nothing, just soliloquizing.” She continued smiling.
Richard had left the hospital after he had cried his eyes out to drink again, it would wash his worries down, as usual. “You are new here, how did you know my usual?” He asked her.
“I only felt you’d like this, how are you?” She asked smiling.
Richard smiled faintly. “What is this greeting of yours about?” He asked.
“I’m new here and like making friends with customers.” She smiled.
Richard hissed. “Will you please leave me alone?”