18 Reasons To Leave A Woman Alone


Times without numbers men are advised to leave women alone for some cogent reasons, but for the sake of one thing or the other we tend to hold on. The truth is so many men that keep holding on for the wrong reason eventually get disappointed when some needs eventually cannot be met. This may not apply to you, but here are a few reasons why you should leave her alone.
Leave her alone if:

1. She pressures you about marrying her.
2. She wants a baby in order to”get closer to you.”
3. She thinks commitment in a relationship is outdated.
4. She uses s*x as a means of control.
5. Her parents promise you a position in the company.
6. She doesn’t know the meaning of “us.”
7. She drinks on a regular basis or takes illegal drugs.
8. She measures success by dollarsigns rather than happiness.
9. She has no interest in your opinion or feelings.
10. She thinks all responsibility should rest on your shoulders.
11. She wants to made love with you on the first date.
12. She considers her money”hers” and your money “hers.”
14. She can’t make a decision without “Mommy and Daddy.”
15. She hopes to mould you into a man just like her father.
16. She constantly talks about anex-love.
17. Her IQ is smaller than her shoe size.
18. She doesn’t believe in “Til death do us part.”