A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 8


STEPHANIE rushed out of the hospital, in search of Richard who had left the hospital for a while now. She look frustrated as she entered into the taxi that took her to Richard’s place to get him informed about what was happening next. She didn’t even remember that she could call him, and besides, it was an avenue for her to leave the hospital. Leaving the hospital would at least make her less nervous than being in the hospital.
She knocked at the gate continuously before Uche came to get the gate for her. She was sweating and her hair had ruffled already, she greeted him as she tried to smile to at least brighten her wrinkled face. “Good day.” She bowed.
“Yeah, good evening.” Uche smiled and let her in. “How are you?” He asked as he shut the door.
“I’m… good.” I’m I really good at all? Can everything on ground make me even good?
“Yeah.” Uche smiled faintly as he turned to face her again. From all indications too, she didn’t look good and chuffed to him, but as usual and almost ‘Nigerian’ he still had to ask her how she was. “You aren’t looking fine as you’ve told me earlier, how’s she? What’s up?” He moved closer to her.
“Things have gone worse. The Doctor said she now has kidney failure and she has to be operated as soon as possible.” She said as she wiped her face.
Uche was shocked. He opened his mouth wide open as he stood akimbo, shaking his head continuously. “Is Richie not in the hospital with you guys?”
“So he’s not at home, he is not with us either.” She frowned.
Uche sighed. “Alright, I know where he can be. Let me get dressed and take you there to see things for yourself.”
“Thank you.” She said and walked to the gate to lean on it.
Uche nodded and walked inside to pick his shirt. He just had his singlet and brown trouser on earlier. “I’m going in search of tyhat naughty guy, it seems he has gone to his place of work.” Uche told Jay.
“Alright, don’t belong.” Jay waved at him.
“Is that all you’ll say? Shouldn’t you pick up your shirt and come with me?” Uche smiled, he knew Jay would not leave that spot to accompany him to Hexagon Club and Bar.
“I’m going nowhere.” Jay hissed and laid on the sofa, turning his back at Uche.
“But all I know is that it’s not his wish to be drinking too, this situation turned him into doing that. Besides, remember we introduced him into this, if we hadn’t forced him that Friday, he would just be meandering around as usual.
“So, his introduction to alcohol has made him so useless? We that got him introduced to it, do we drink like he does now? Who knows if this rambling around of a thing is just about drinking sef.” Jay hissed.
“Anyways, the condition of his sister has gone worse again. Her friend is by the gate, she said she now has kidney problem and operation has to be done as quick as possible.”
Jay sprung to his feet immediately he heard that. “Kidney again? This is getting out of control, what on earth would Richie do on hearing this? And, what sin has this girl committed to deserve all these diseases, sicknesses and ailments? I’m sure this will turn Richard’s brain around again.” He gave a long breath.
“Anyways, will you follow me now?” Uche questioned.
“Alright, I just pity the guy too but I hate it if everything one does is getting too much!” He said as he buttoned his shirt too and walked toward Uche.
They both stepped out of the house after switching off the electronics and bulbs, off to the Bar.
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
       when sorrows like sea billows roll;
       whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say,
       it is well, it is well with my soul.
       Though Satan should buffet, though trials should
       let this blest assurance control,
       that Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
       and hath shed his own blood for my soul
       It is well with my soul,
       It is well, it is well with my soul.
Doctor Kate entered into my ward and came to me, she looked sad as she watched me cry and held my two hands. “Crying won’t solve anything, crying won’t let this problems leave, it will just add to it.” She said as she shook my two hands slightly.
“This is a cry of joy, I’m not crying because I’m going to die, I’m crying because of the perished souls. I’m crying because I’m wondering on those who might be in my shoes and would question God, I’m… Doctor…” I said as I kept crying.
“I never told you that you would die!” Doctor’s eyes widened as she shook my hands again, she had started crying then. The stethoscope she had around her neck fell as she wept along with me. I felt her agony, I felt her pulse that was like a flow of turbulent water from an ocean, I took of my hands, this time holding her own hands, we both continued weeping.
RICHARD had finished a bottle of Spanish wine when Uche bustled through the door with Stephanie and Jay. “I said it.” Jay said as they approached Richard. Uche tapped Richard while Jay winced at him and shook his head continuously, a twinge of disappointment went off inside Stephanie as she saw him, was he to be blamed?
“I knew it, i really knew you’d be here, drinking. Now we have to visit the hospital.” Uche said.
Richard’s vision had gone blur as he raised his head and looked at them. He couldn’t recognize any of the three until he was pulled up and bundled outside, the next item on his sleep was to sleep off. Jay waited behind and paid the bartender before he walked after them, heading to the hospital.
“There is a uniform, didn’t you see it on that guy?” Pemisire asked Helen.
“Maybe, maybe not. Just be prayerful because it isn’t easy to work in a bar.” Helen told her.
“I know, I’m not gonna spend so much there. I see myself working in greater places, but for the mean time, I have to bow for destiny.”
“That’s true, not even with these documents, you’re going places dear.” She grinned.
Pemisire chuckled softly. “The problem is still about the safety,I’m sure that man must be doing everything within his reach to get me.” She snorted.
“I acquiesce, but girl I don’t think there’s anyway he can get you here. Does he have any of your contacts?”
Pemisire shook her head.
“Then, all is well.” Helen smiled as she hissed. “I just have a little plan.” She drawled on the bed, moving closer to Pemisire who sat leaning against the wall and spoke to her faintly, thereafter, both laughed and nodded together.
“So Doctor, how do we start the preparation for the operation?” Uche asked the Doctor.
They had gotten to the hospital already, Richard had slept in the car while he entered into the hospital with Jay and Steph. “The donated kidney may be from a living related donor, living unrelated one or deceased one. Now, it all depends on us. Everything to be done should be between a week because the transplanting will take up to two days.”
“Two whole days? It’s just an operation now.” Stephanie squinted her face.
“Yes, the donor would be placed under general anesthesia before surgery and this means the donor would sleep, asleep and pain-free. Then, we can use small surgical cuts with laproscopic techniques to remove the kidney. Note that the kidney would be transferred into saline for fourty-eight hours, so, everything is going under three days now. Another thing is getting a donor and running all the necessary tests again, this might also take time.”
“Anyways, how do we commence everything?” Jay enquired.
“There’s another problem.” Doctor Kate stood up.
“What again?” Steph screamed.
Doctor Kate sat down as she addressed Stephanie. “You should take things easy now, you don’t need to shout.” She cautioned.
Stephanie was breathing heavily, she had been praying to herself not to hear anything bad concerning her best friend. she tried to calm herself down before she spoke. “Alright, just tell me what is going on, what’s up with her again?” She asked.
“The criteria in which one must have before donating a kidney.” She paused for a while before she continued. “The person must not be a drunk, I mean the person must not be someone who drinks alcohol regularly because such people are already giving their kidneys more work to do.” She paused again, this time, Jay and Uche glanced at each other and then the Doctor again.
“Another thing is that the person must not be diabetes patient. Now, I hope you guys don’t drink.” She smiled.
“Just once in a while, let’s say every Friday night.” Jay replied with a smile.
“Even if it is just once per month, I won’t let you donate because the complications after the surgery are usually severe if the donor has a faulty kidney.”
“Then I’ll donate.” Stephanie chimed in.
“Alright, that’s also cool.” Uche said.
“What of Richard? He doesn’t look like a person who drink.” Doctor smiled.
“He’s even the boss at it.” Jay chuckled.
“Let’s see how it goes.” Dr. Kate nodded continuously.