In today’s episode,
Martin and Veronica continue to enjoy themselves like there is no tomorrow at Pueblo Nuevo. Whiles they keep on enjoying all the happiness at the hotel, they hear a knock at the door and Martin goes to open it only to see Claudia standing at their door to tell him that, she has brought the new filters to replace the damaged ones at the mine.
Martin then thanks her and again asks her to leave since he is with his wife and Claudia intentionally says “Hello” to Veronica to express her worry for interrupting them.
The next day after Claudia gives Martin an update about his construction firm, Martin asks her to  return to the city and help Alfredo with everything there since she can’t stay at Mina Escondida because she is trying to go beyond the limit with their friendship and the fact also is, he is a newly married man and must have time for his wife without any interruption from anyone. He tels her that, Veronica has tried her best to tolerate her but can’t promise she can cope with her presence every day so they should keep their distance and that comes as a blow to Claudia. 
Since Emiliano will be going on his trip to Cancoon the next day with Virginia, his father Jorge goes to see him to wish him farewell and he seized the opportunity to advise him to do away with his alcoholic behavior since it will only destroy his image. Emiliano admits to that fact and gives his consent that he will put a stop to it. His father then again pleads with him to forget Veronica as she has sent a fax message to tell them that she is happy with her husband but Emiliano still insists that the only woman he loves is Veronica and without her he cannot love any other woman.
Crescencio becomes so furious at Ana Perla’s statement of falling in love with Pablo and as a result, begins to ransack everything in the room especially paintings from Pablo to Ana Perla since he feels that all these while she was meeting with Pablo secretly behind his back as she can’t just love someone just few days after noticing him from afar.
Ana then asks him to give her the opportunity to know Pablo better so she can love him and not see it just as a fantasy.
While the hotel staff help Pablo to arrange his things, they caution him to be very careful about Ana Perla by not getting close to her again because Crescencio will not allow it but he tells them that, he went the city to breakup with his girlfriend only to be with Ana Perla as he really does love her very much.  Therefore he is going to speak with Crescencio and Manuel about it and ask their permission to date Ana Perla.
Emiliano and Virginia arrive at the airport and seeming so happy Virginia tells him that they are really going to enjoy their trip but Emiliano disappoints her by telling her that, his ticket is to a different location and that is Mina Escondida and not Cancoon because he really needs to go see Veronica with his own eyes if surely she is alright with Martin as it is written in the fax and asks Virginia to cover up for him in case his parents call after reaching Cancoon and Virginia accepts reluctantly. Within a minute Mariano arrives to go with them on the trip only to be told that Emiliano changed his mind.
Claudia goes back to the hotel and tells Dussage that Martin wants her to leave and never return but she really wants to stay a little while since the place is full of wonderful things. Dussage then agrees to help her to stay at his hotel so that he can help her and also do everything in his power so that her inner artist can improve.
Pablo goes to speak with Crescencio as he planned but he becomes very angry upon seeing Pablo and without allowing him to utter a word, he begins to tell him not to step his foot in his house ever again least to think of going near his granddaughter because if ever he does, he is capable of doing the unforgivable.
Veronica decides to go with Martin and Botel to check things at the construction firm in the city and after that, she will seize the opportunity to go visit her family but she changes her mind to stay with Magdalene instead so that nothing bad happens to her after visiting her to know she refuses to go with them (Botel, Martin and Veronica) to the city due to the depression she is suffering as a result of losing her child.
Virginia sends a letter through Claudia to be given to Dr. Fernandez and it states, “I need you to keep Claudia busy, she might try to get between Veronica and Martin and ruin their marriage. Veronica has to stay over there while I wins Emiliano’s love and I think I’m about to succeed. Listen and listen well, I’m here doing my part and you should do yours with Claudia and it will benefit all of us. I know that when you are with her, you are going to think of me and the same way I think of you when I’m with Emiliano”.
After reading the letter, Fernandez felt like exploding since he is also in love with Virginia but feeling so much hurt he concludes that if it is Virginia’s wish that he dates Claudia then that is what he will do.
Veronica discloses to Pablo that Crescencio wants to marry Ana Perla off to his Godson that is why he doesn’t want any man to go closer to her and Pablo becomes desperate and he says to Veronica that he is never going to allow that to happen to the love of his life but will do everything possible to get her.
Veronica then calms him down and assures him that she and her husband will do everything within their power to speak to Crescencio so he can allow Ana to marry the man she loves and not for money.
The bar owner at mina Escondida decides to organize a dinner night for all the miners and their partners and everyone to release stress since it always tough for them after a hard day’s work and so they all decide to go except Crescencio who finds it a little bit ungodly but after Martin explains things to him, he agrees to go with Manuel. After they arrive at the canteen where the show takes place, a guest artist is called on stage to entertain them and to Martin and Veronica’s surprise, Claudia was their artist for the night and everyone becomes enthused with her singing and throughout her performance, she never stops staring at Martin and Veronica becomes very nervous as well as Martin since he thought Claudia had already left for the city as they agreed.