POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 02


By Evans Aboagye Tawuah
I lay back on the bed feeling terribly
devastated. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know who to tell and my roommate never really explained this fun thing very well to me.
At the foot of the bed lay a mouth watering cheque of two hundred and fifty thousand cedis. Dr Evans obviously must have left it there as payment for my services.
Was this what Stella meant by making cool
cash while having fun?
I had seen Stella as a very rich girl from the first day I packed into our room as her roommate.
My parents weren’t financially buoyant and the much they did was pay my school fees and give me little stipends which they called “pocket money”.
Sometimes giving me the stipend was even a problem but Stella’s case was different. She was a good example of what a poor fellow like me would describe as rich. She had lots of clothes, lots of handbags, expensive phones and drove one sexy range rover suv.
Our room was well furnished. We had a flat screen tv, Dstv, home theatre, air conditioner, very nice and colourful rug which matched our curtain and one very big bed.
Stella had bought them all. All I contributed into the room was my box of clothes.
Initially Stella had lied to me that her parents were her sole sponsor in school until I saw the calibre of men she associated with.
I had thought that since her parents were rich, that probably those men were her family friends but not until one day – I can’t remember the exact date when I opened up to her about my financial condition. How I was finding it difficult to maintain myself in school, and whether she could help me in any way.
She accepted to help me and informed me that there was one business she did during her leisure that yields cash. She said the name of the business was “FUN AND CASH” and that it was very profitable and was all about having fun and making money at the same time. She also said that, there was no stress or risk in the business.
She informed me that our first outing would be in 3days and that she would introduce me to the business that day.
I never foresaw that my first time would turn out the way it did.
I wasn’t a virgin quite alright but to have
gotten drugged and raped wasn’t the picture I had in mind for my first time.
As I lay on that bed that fateful morning inside the hotel room after Dr Evans had left, I felt very depressed and worthless but nonetheless, I had made cool two hundred and fifty thousand cedis which my parents would never have given me in the next ten decades to come…
watchout for episode 3…


  1. pleeease hurry up the next episodes after the 5th of the pooley girl (18+)…am eagerly waiting to read…

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