In today’s episode;
Martin takes Veronica to the most beautiful waterfall within the forest. Veronica finds it so fascinating and Martin promises her that he is forever going to make her the happiest woman from now onwards because his love for her is stronger than anything. Both of them then make love for the first time in a romantic way in which Veronica confirms that she never thought Martin will be so romantic towards her. Veronica then tells Martin that she now feels like a wife to him after spending time together and she knew they were actually going to make a good couple despite their differences. Martin asks her not to bring up past issues because it is not worth it because he actually wants to think about her alone and both become very happy and Martin says he sees himself as the most fortunate man in the world to have her.   
Pablo arrives in Mexico City and upon going to see Mariana, she begins to show him all of the things she and her mum have put together to make the wedding so easy for them and Pablo asks her to stop building her hopes high and asks her to stop the wedding preparation.
Claudia arrives in Mexico City and meets with Virginia. She discloses every bit of problem between Martin and Veronica to her and also Virginia gets to know into details in a letter Dr. Fernandez sent to her through Claudia and she says that she wishes Veronica all the unhappiness in the world since she really wants to see her suffer.
Veronica gets the information that Magdalene and Botel have return from the city so she goes to pay Magdalene a visit and after telling her about her sad moment after seeing her daughter’s grave, Veronica would have wanted her to explain to her how she got separated from her daughter but Magdalene prefers to keep it to herself since it reminds her of her sadness but all the same Veronica consoles her and pledges her support for her.
Mariana meets with Pablo again to ask him about why he continues to resist her since his return and she goes ahead to tell him that if he wishes to break up with her there is no need of skirting round the fact but rather should go straight and tell her the truth. So, Pablo took the opportunity and then tells her that he actually wanted to break up with her and that is his main reason for returning to the city since he sees them as incompatible and it comes as a bad news to her but after insisting several times to no avail that Pablo should change his mind concerning the breakup, Mariana lets go but she still pledges her support for Pablo and asks to continue to be his representative in his paintings since she now has a contract for him to do in New York. Mariana then calls her mother to cancel all of the preparations for their wedding because she wants to give Pablo his freedom.
Ana Perla offers to give Julio a private lesson so he can learn to read and write as everyone but he tells her that Crescencio is never going to allow him to undergo the lessons but Veronica assures him of talking to Crescencio to give his consent to it no matter what.
Botel and Martin meet at the bar and in their chat, Botel asks him if he can now tell that Veronica is a good woman and not an opportunist as he insinuated some time ago and Martin tells him that he is now the most happiest and the most fortunate man in the world because after being with her, he discovers some qualities in her that he never imagined she possessed.
Crescencio says to Martin that he prefers to rather force his grandchildren to get married to men he chooses for them than to have them get married to outsiders but Martin tells him that he is never going to allow him to force anyone into a marriage they do not even want because it will be an abuse to their life and if he insists on doing it, he is going to stop him.
Ana Perla engages Julio in a conversation trying to ask him if ever he has fallen in love with a lady before and Julio tells her that he is really much in love with a lady so much that he can’t tell her. Ana Perla tries asking him to mention the name of that lady to her but since this same lady Julio is in love with is Ana Perla who is also in love with Pablo, he tells her that he prefers to keep the lady’s name to himself. Ana then begins to tell how much she really loves Pablo but unfortunately, Julio grows emotionally hurt and had to excuse himself and stand outside.
Crescencio gets so angry at Martin for challenging his authority whenever he tries doing things as he used to and he tells Ana Perla about it and he asks her not to try to be like those outsiders who always want to challenge his sayings. Therefore to prove to both Botel and Martin that none of his words ever fall to the ground and also no one dares him, he tells Ana Perla that he is going to arrange with a friend of his so that he can allow his son to get married to Ana Perla and she becomes so shocked.
Things between Martin and Veronica keeps going on well as married couple and they begin to give each other the attention needed and the closeness to enjoy the moments life has offered them.
Nanciyaga visits Magdalene and through their conversation, Nanciyaga could tell that Magdalene’s heart is full of sorrow but as usual how strange she could be, she tells Magdalene not to worry because she can tell that whatever she searches for is closer to her and she is just a little bit far from that which she searches for.
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