"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 5


“One gone, Two more to go, she is next”
This suggested that there are two others more targeted.
When Yvonne saw her mum lying in the pool of blood, she wept bitterly, Franca was sobbing.
She tried to console Yvonne only for her to pushed her aside and started raining allegations on her.
“Franca, how could you, how could you, you go to that extreme to take the life of the woman who have carried you for nine months? ” said Yvonne
Franca was struck by Yvonne’s allegation, she cried out saying
“Yvonne, how can you accuse me of such a thing, am not behind this” Franca tried to defend herself.
All this while Yaw was trying to calm her down, but Yvonne was bitterly hurt that she was out of control.
“You think we don’t know you are behind those threatening messages, you think we are too dumb to know that, you think we don’t know that you are the one behind the car brakes” Yvonne continued.
Franca couldn’t take it anymore, she ran and left the scene while Yvonne kept shouting at her.
“murderer, murderer, i will bring you down Franca, i will” Yvonne was weeping heavily.
Before Franca left the scene, she met her Dad just at the entrance of the house. He was carrying a Gift Hamper, He was bringing it to his divorced wife just to win her back.
Apparently that idea of giving her a gift was the idea of Franca.
On the other hand, their mother didn’t want anything to do with Franca’s father, she never showed him where she was living until now.
When Franca met her Dad, she jump unto him crying. Her father asked what the problem was only to hear that his ex wife has been murdered.
He run to take a look for himself, there he met Yvonne and Yaw also coming out. He also wept and quickly called the police to the scene.
They did their job, conveyed the body and gathered all evidence and clues they came across.“
Yaw, Yvonne and her step  Father were still at the scene, trying to get to the bottom of who could be doing this.
Franca’s father was still thinking that he was the target because of his political career.
Yaw had shut Yvonne up not to mention Franca as prime suspect.
Speaking of her, Franca was no where to be found at that time.
Nobody knew her whereabouts, whether she had gone home or not. Her Dad tried reaching her on phone but there was no answer`.
In times like this, no one was completely safe on his or her own unless of course you are the master brain behind this plan.
The police assured them their maximum security and to make sure they find out who the culprit is as soon as possible.
They were escorted home by the police. When they arrived Franca was no where to be found in the house.
They all began to be worried about her whereabouts.
“Where could she be? Is she running from home because i confronted her about the truth? Is she safe? ” All these were going through Yvonne’s mind.
Even aside what had happened she still had that sister love for her. She was just worried about her.
Before her Dad could conclude, another mysterious text message came in.
This time around, it came through Yvonne’s phone.