"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 4


Yvonne noticed that Yaw couldn’t take it anymore, she took his hand again and placed it in between her breast with the bra still on.
She began using Yaw’s hand to stroke on her tummy and her chest.
Yaw by then had gotten the signal. Even though he was not fit enough, he was responding to Yvonne.
She noticed it and asked him this question.
“Honey, are you ready for this?
Yaw looked at her and couldn’t answer but Yvonne got his answer from his silence and as the saying goes ” silent means concern”
“Kiss me”
Yaw didn’t hesitate at all, he bent down his head and planted a deep rooted kiss on her lips while she was  still lying on his laps.
Yvonne held his head while the kiss was getting deeper. You could tell they both were enjoying the kiss.
Yaw wanted to unclasped her bra but to his surprise Yvonne didn’t allow him.
She wanted him to miss it and crave for it more. Suddenly she stopped kissing and stood right in front of him.
“Yaw, let me take care of you, i know you are not well” she said.
Yaw didn’t have any idea of what she was going to do.
She unzipped his shorts and removed it right to the knee level, she quickly followed it up with his boxer shorts and there it was, a complete erected p**is
Yvonne still in Yaw’s sleeves which was still unbuttoned with her bra and panty  sat gently on Yaw’s laps with her back facing him.
She wined her waist in a gentle circular moves to make him more harder.
Without taking off her panty, she just slide it aside, held his p**is and penetrated it into her.
And there it began, it was all Yvonne. She was in charge.
Yaw held her waist behind and she began bouncing on him.
It was a deep penetration from that position, that made her moan louder than usual.
Little did they know all the moans and groans were all in the ears of Franca who was eavesdropping behind the locked door.
As she heard them, her eyes was filled with tears. Franca was eventually falling for Yaw for real this time around.
She couldn’t take it anymore that she had to run off quickly from the door as the moan was getting more intense.
Her rushing footsteps got the attention of Yaw and Yvonne. Yvonne quickly buttoned up and rushed to the door to see who it was.
There she saw Franca leaving, she didn’t make her aware that she had seen her. She just stood there and watched her go.
“Yaw, Franca was still here all this while, i think she is finding it difficult to get over you” said Yvonne as she closed the door and headed to shower up.
“We need to be very careful about her Yvonne” Yaw said.
The following Morning, Yvonne and Yaw prepared to leave to Yvonne’s mum.
Franca was to meet them up half way, with a family car which was driven by one of the drivers of her father.
Before Franca got to where to meet Yvonne and Yaw, she again sent another text message to this same unknown person.
That was the location of her mother. Till now, who ever she was communicating with remains a mystery.
Yvonne and Yaw was on time and was waiting for Franca to arrive. She arrived 25 minutes late and apologized for that.
Even though she acted all friendly Yvonne and Yaw gave her straight forward answers when she asked them how they were faring.
Yvonne and Yaw were just not comfortable around her.
Soon they arrived at her mum’s place. To their surprise the door was widely open.
No one was around the compound, no “gate man” or any house help.
They entered the house only to see their mum’s dead body. It appears that she had been shot severally.
The body was covered with blood, just aside the body laid another note.
“One gone, two more to go, she is next”
To be continued