"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 6


When she received the text message she secretly showed it to Yaw.
She didn’t want her step Dad to notice anything. She quickly made up a lie.
“Dad, Franca just texted that she is safe at Yaw’s place. I believe its a good decision, she probably wants to be alone. Yaw and i will check up on her”
Yvonne said.
Even as she said this, tears still rolled down her cheeks as she was deeply grieving over her mum’s death.
She swore to herself that, no matter who the killer is, she will do anything to avenge on her mother’s death, even if its Franca.
Right now she only trusted Yaw and as for Franca, she just didn’t know what she is capable of doing.
They left Franca’s Father’s house and immediately set off to Yaw’s apartment before they finally go to Ray’s place.
When Yaw and Yvonne arrived at Yaw’s apartment, they sat down to derive a plan that will ensure their safety once they go to the place.
Yaw wanted to go alone but because the text message stated emphatically that He should be there with Yvonne, they had to comply until they know the state of Franca who may be in danger.
Its because of this reason that they didn’t involve her dad or even the police, they wanted to do this their own way, which was a complete mistake on their part.
Soon, it was half past six and they had to set off to Ray’s apartment.
They set off in a haste to make it in time.
On their way, you could tell that Yvonne was a little panicked. It was expected of her, she had been through a lot these few days, with less happy moments yet full of grief and sorrow.
Yaw had to assure her that she is protected around him, just to comfort her.
They got to Ray’s apartment at exactly 6:55pm. The door was already opened when they got there, to their surprise,
It was Daisy, she had tied up Franca’s hand and gag her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She had a gun pointed at her head.
Franca was sobbing when Yvonne and Yaw got there. One thing that amazed them was that, how will Daisy execute this in Ray’s apartment, did they knew each other or what?
Daisy quickly instructed them to lock the door behind them. They complied just to prevent her from doing any harm to Franca.
“Yvonne, i warned you, you dare not play with my heart and expect to go scot free all in the expense of this bastard you call your boyfriend.” Daisy said.
“But Dae (Daisy), has it gotten to this, even to the extent of killing my own mum, how could you” Yvonne replied.
Daisy began laughing at her allegation still with the pointed gun at Franca’s head.
“You still can’t read the writings on the wall, grow up girl, grow up, you have made enemies because of this boy, we have all teamed up against you, and once i get what I want, they will also take  over. But get this clear, i didn’t kill your mother” Daisy said.
Yaw quickly jumped in with a question
“Lady, so tell us, what are you after, what do you really want” Yaw asked.
“Good, you are now talking, i want her, i want what you took away from me back, i want my Yvonne back now, that’s the only way you can save Franca” She said.
“Dae, take me, take me for all i care, and leave my sister alone” Yvonne busted out.
Yaw tried stopping her but she was out of control, her anger had taken over.
She thought that it was bad for her to fall in love, if it was only by sacrificing herself that will stop all this bloody war, then she is ready to do it. She turned and gave Yaw a kiss on his cheek and said,
“Yaw, this is it, it all ends here, take Franca home and take good care of her” Yvonne said.
Yaw: “No Yvonne, don’t give up, there is a way out of this”
Before Yaw could finish his statement, Daisy threw Franca at him and grabbed Yvonne heavily by hand and pointed the gun at her head.
That was a swift exchange. Yaw was so helpless because of the gun. Any move he makes might end up in another loss of life.
Daisy was by then having Yvonne at her grips still at gun point, she slowly walked her towards the locked door and opened it.
She was taking Yvonne away and there was nothing both Yaw and Franca could do.
Yaw looked into Yvonne’s eyes as she was being taken away, Yvonne then whispered out
“I love you” she said.
Daisy took her out and locked up Franca and Yaw in the room. She then fled with Yvonne as hostage.
Yaw quickly rushed to the door to open it but Daisy had already taken the keys away.
He turned away from the door and untied Franca, he also removed the gag from her mouth.
The first question Yaw asked was
“Franca how did this happen?” Yaw asked.
“I don’t really know, but one thing i’m sure is that, i know who is behind this killing, we get her then we can get Yvonne back”
Franca replied.
“Her? Is a lady?”Yaw asked.
“Yeah Yaw” Franca answered.
To be continued