"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 7


“Her? Is a lady? Yaw asked
“Yeah Yaw” Franca answered.
“Look, lets figure out a way to get out of here first, i have a plan and there is no way we should tell my Father about this” she continued.
“Franca, don’t you think this is beyond us, we have to inform him now” Said Yaw.
“No, it will ruin the whole thing, besides, Yaw there is something i need to tell you about my father, lets get out of here first.” Franca said.
Yaw then had to force the door open after he tried several times.
They had no other option than to go to Yaw’s place after they managed to leave Ray’s place.
Yaw felt that this wasn’t right but he was just worried about the safety of Yvonne. He just wished Yvonne will not be harmed by Daisy.
Soon they got to Yaw’s apartment where Franca quickly showered up while Yaw waited for her at the living room still thinking of Yvonne.
Meanwhile Daisy had taken Yvonne to an unknown location. Yvonne had no idea of where they were.
All she knew was that they were in a well furnished house in a very isolated area.
Daisy locked all exits points to the house to prevent Yvonne from escaping.
“Dae, why are you doing this to me, we can talk this over, Dae please” Yvonne begged her.
“Awww Yvonne, i just love the way you beg me, it reminds me of our past, now i have you here and  your freedom will only be under one condition” Daisy said.
“What is it Daisy, what condition, tell me” Yvonne asked her.
“Calm down girl, calm down, you really want to leave here that quick, all for that boy who might probably be dead before you even get there” Daisy said.
Yvonne shivered by the answer she gave, Yaw was in danger, his life is at stake.
On the other hand, Franca had finished taking her shower and was at the living room with Yaw.
Yaw quickly started interrogating her as soon as she joined him.
“Franca what really happened” Yaw asked.
Franca: “No, Tell me why Yvonne keep accusing me for mum’s death, i want to know why”
Yaw: “Franca everything leads to you, it seems wherever you are, misfortune comes. Take it like this, what if we hadn’t taken you along when we went to the restaurant? what happened there when we did? What if we never told you about our visit to your mother’s end, probably she would have been alive by now and to even add up, your mysterious disappearance, only to end up in Daisy’s hand. Now Yvonne is gone and you are here with me. What a perfect plan Franca”
It seems so obvious that she was the number one suspect. Everything points to her direction. If she is innocent, this was the time to prove it with a very convincing explanation.
Franca was at this moment scared of the anger in Yaw’s eyes as he nailed everything at her. She looked around for her phone as if that could save her but only to realize that it was in the hands of Yaw.
“What are you looking for, your phone? I’ve seen everything, all the text messages” Yaw said.
Apparently she left the phone at the living room when she went to take her shower. That was when Yaw got access to it.
“You have a lot of explanation to do Franca, tell me everything, Who was those text messages to, tell me.”Yaw angrily yelled at her.
Franca was so scared of Yaw’s attitude, she fumbled with words as she tried explaining it.
To be continued