and in today’s episode;
Magdalene and Botel still in search for their daughter and they meet with the detective to see how far he’s gone with the search but he tells her that so far he’s found nothing, So he decided to bring along a friend who is much into sketching and therefore he’s going to draw her daughter through Magdalene’s description and by so doing they are all going to determine how her child looks like since childhood since they got separated till her age at that moment and it really comes as a shock to Magdalene at the same time she looks very happy as she is going to see her daughter again. After the sketch, it turned out that Magdalene’s daughter could be veronica and she seems so nervous and says it can’t be true.
The miner have already find a solution to the problem and Lorenzo goes to inform martin about it and he decides to go with him to supervise on how to go about resolving it.
Magdalene tells them the sketch is a clear image of veronica but Botel tells her to calm down because it may be because she has become so much fond of veronica that is why she sees the image as her but no matter what Botel says, Magdalene never agrees with him. But she later after Botel explained everything to the detectives; Magdalene understood that it may be her imaginative thinking that is making her think so since she has witnessed this same incidence at point in time and with a certain girl who also bore the name veronica and even went to extent of taking a DNA test with her but it turned out negative.
Veronica not being able to hold back her worry about martin going to the mine with his wound, she goes after him to try taking him home to rest and martin wound got opened again and he start losing lots of blood. Veronica then blames herself for being the cause of everything and father Juan advises her not to accept that blame since martin knew he wasn’t well.
Virginia’s heart started beating so fast due to the medicine she took to deceive her guardians that she still has a heart problem and after the doctor checked on her, he testifies that her heart beats faster than the usual pulse and ones again Virginia achieved her purpose.
Luckily for veronica, Fernandez arrives to dress martin’s wound but the problem is he lost a lot of blood and will be needing blood transfusion or else he dies. Veronica then accepts to donate her blood to save martin. So Fernandez does the blood transfusion and it turned out very successful.
The miners have done everything possible to calm own the situation at the mine and just when they were about contemplating on how the problem will not come up again. Manuel arrives to order them around but Crescencio shut him down and asks him not to disrespect them because they have done everything to stop the problem. Looking at the way Manuel carries himself about looking so drunk, Crescencio sees him as irresponsible so he appointed Joaquin (his son-in-law) to be in charge from that day onwards. Manuel looking so annoyed about his grandfather’s decision, he takes up one of the tools straight to the signage to destroy it and no matter how the miners try to stop him, it was to no avail and it starts leaking again.
Veronica becomes so dizzy due to the blood donation and when she woke up from her dizziness, she discovers Claudia sitting beside their bed and caressing martin’s feet and veronica enquires from her about what she is doing in their room.
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