"24 Days before Christmas" season 1 Episode 5


“What does he take her for”
She asked herself.
She then sat on her office desk, thinking and asking herself series of questions.
“This is unusual of me, what is wrong with me. I don’t know whats happening. Yaw is extra ordinary, why do i feel of being with him all the time.”
Yvonne didn’t know how to deal with such feelings. It was completely new to her. All she wanted is to get what she wants no matter how she gets it. She just wanted to be at Yaw’s presence.
The following day, things began usual. Franca was looking healthy at the hospital as Yvonne and her dad went to visit her.
She couldn’t even recognized them when they came, however she had already undergone psychological counseling therapy to make her understand the situation she was in. Her awareness of her condition will help her to recover quickly.
Yvonne and Her Dad spoke to her and made her aware of their relationship that exist with her. They told her about her school life and how happy she was as a person.
Franca began feeling comfortable as they spoke to her about the basic things in her. The Doctor advised that Franca should always be surrounded by loved ones and friends. She should spend more time at were she usually hangout before she encountered this misfortune.
Upon speaking to her all this while, they got along very well until Franca made a strange request.
“Dad, i am aware of my situation and we all know what the doctors advised was. I need a favor from you.” Franca asked.
“What is it my daughter, am your father and Yvonne is your sister, we are here for you, tell me what you want and consider it done” Her father responded.
“Ok, thank you so much. All i want is to go back to the school i was and start all over my life again. But my condition should be kept a secret. ” said Franca.
Her Dad had no problem with the request and promised to grant it but Yvonne on the other side was not pleased because of the sex tape that had gone viral and secondly because she knew Yaw will have to be with Franca all the time.
Yvonne excused them and went outside the ward to make a call leaving Franca and her Dad.
The call was to Yaw. She requested for an update on how far he has gotten with their earlier agreement.
“Madam, i have been able to contact him, what time can we come by” said Yaw.
“Good, be there in the next two hours, the location of my office is on the card i gave you. Make sure you are on time” said Yvonne
She hanged up immediately afterwards in order to prevent Yaw from asking the where about of Franca again.
With the progress of Franca’s health, the Doctor made them aware that she will be discharged the following morning.
It was a good news for them. Without wasting anymore time Yvonne set off from the hospital and went to the office.
She got there a bit late and met Yaw and Ray at the reception. Her gaze was on Yaw. She felt like hugging him that moment when she saw him, but for the first time she was able to control it.
Yvonne invited them into her office to commence the discussion.
To be continued