“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 7


Again they rushed from the car and went straight into the office. At this moment all their cloths were dripping with rain water.
They were wetting the office carpet, Yvonne quickly took off her shirt leaving her in bra and skirt. Her curved shaped in her bra got the attention of Yaw.
For a moment he lost concentration and kept on gazing at her shiny looking breast as it looked firm in her in soaked bra.
Lust sets in. He tried taking his eyes off but Yaw was so weak. Yvonne noticed the gaze and for a moment the room was just silent as soon as their eyes met.
They kept starring at each other eye to eye until Yvonne broke the silent.
“Yaw, I’m feeling cold” said Yvonne. She didn’t wait for Yaw to respond, she went and hugged him right away.
She held on to his body for awhile feeling the warm temperature of him.
They mutually began to think deep wondering who will make the first move. Yaw couldn’t help it, he rub his hand at Yvonne’s back and got hold of the clasp of the bra.
He took the bold step to unclasp it. As he did this, Yvonne knew what was happening, she had never felt that sensitive before. She held on to is body tighter than usual.
Now, Yaw gently took off one hand of the bra and slowly made his way to her nipples. She began fumbling it till you could hear the breath and heart beat of Yvonne.
She was breathing fast now as Yaw kept on tickling her nipples.
He had gotten comfortable to make further moves now when he noticed that Yvonne was responding positively.
It went of hand, they aggressively cleared to office desk to make way for action.
Yaw then came on top of Yvonne who was by then braless. He kissed her all over her body right from her neck to her breast. Sucked her nipples which appeared to be the most sensitive part of Yvonne.
He then gently took of her panty and threw it somewhere in the office. Now Yaw was ready to enter her. Yvonne then looked straight into his eyes and said
“Yaw, please be gentle. This is my first time. I love you”
Yaw didn’t respond to her and penetrated at that moment. Initially it was a painful but Yvonne began to enjoy as time went on.
They both fell asleep after their sensational sex at the office till the following morning.
The several knocks on the door woke them up
“Who could that be”
Yvonne asked herself as they hurriedly got dressed.
To be continued