“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 8


“Who could that be”
Yvonne asked herself as they hurriedly got dressed.
The person kept banging the door several times until Yvonne went to open it.  It was her father.
She was very nervous when she saw him. She invited him in.
Her Father was so surprised to see her early in the office that morning with this unknown guy. He had been trying to reach her since the previous night but her phone was out of reach.
He had already gone to her place but met her absence. Yaw excused them and went back home when Yvonne’s father came.
“Yvonne where have you been, i have been trying to call you several times.”
Her Father asked.
Yvonne: “I’m sorry Dad, i have been a little busy at the office. I am sorry.”
Father:” your sister will be discharged today, i came to tell you so you can go and pick her up, i have a meeting to attend”
Yvonne: “ok Dad, i will do that”
She still looked nervous and her Dad began to be suspicious.
Father: “Yvonne, what is it? You are acting strange”
Yvonne:” Dad, am ok, just a little stressed up”
Father: “anyway, you haven’t told me about the progress of the investigation, i want to know the people behind this. ”
Yvonne began to fumble with her words and as soon as she was ready to answer him, her father saw Yvonne’s panty lying on the floor near to the office desk.
She was so much in a hurry to dress when she heard her father knocking. The panty was just lying there.
“Yvonne, what is this, panty in your office, what have you been doing here, tell me who is that guy i met here” He asked her.
On the other hand, Yaw kept wondering what had happened. He just had sex with Yvonne. He began to regret his actions and hated himself for allowing lust control him. He had no feelings for Yvonne, but what bothered him was that he was the one that broke her virginity.
The only decision he could arrive at, was to avoid her.
Back at the office Yvonne had become so unusually timid, she was not that type.
You could see that she has been transformed. Yvonne was a different person. Her father hadn’t seen this side of her ever since she was born.
He skipped the questions when he realized this attitude. He went out and asked her to go and pick Franca up.
She went to the hospital not long after her dad had left the office. She got to the hospital and saw that Franca had already packed her stuff and was just waiting for her.
Yvonne was happy to see her, she gave her a hug and walked her to her car.
Immediately they set off to the house.
All of a sudden Franca out of no where popped out a question.
“Who is Ray?”
To be continued