"24 Days Before Christmas" season 1 episode 6


Yvonne invited them into her office to commence the discussion.
She just went straight ahead without beating around the bush. She knew the deal she was about to offer was a fair one and acceptable.
“I believe you are Ray, Franca’s ex.” Asked Yvonne
“Yes you are right” Ray answered.
“Good! am not interested in whatever you have against her that made you do such unlawful thing, am a good person to press charges against you and place you behind bars.”
Ray got scared and knelt down to beg her.
“Get up before you make me more angrier than i am. You are lucky her father, the minister is not aware of this, and if this issue escalates, it will ruin his political career. That is why i called you here. Am giving you 24hrs to take all traces of the video off the internet. The harm has already been caused, but do this or you have yourself to blame.” Yvonne offered in the deal.
“madam consider it done, am sorry it won’t happen again.”
” Secondly, Ray and Yaw am going to pay you two an amount of 2000ghc each to keep your mouths shut about what am about telling you”
As soon as they heard the amount involved, their interest in the matter was rekindled.
“Franca, is coming back to school but as a different person. I am telling you this because you have been the closest people in her life on campus. She will be back on campus as a new person, apparently, she’s suffering from amnesia and does not even recognize or remember her own family not to talk of the video. I need you two to keep your mouths shut about her situation and also make sure that she doesn’t ever come across the tape”
Yvonne said and quickly wrote a check down but to her amazement Yaw refused it.
Yaw: “am sorry madam i can’t accept this, I want Franca’s well being and i don’t need to be paid for that”
Yvonne felt embarrassed with the actions of Yaw. It was getting late, so she dismissed Ray. All the other workers had also signed out of work.
Yvonne and Yaw continued battling each other over the money until Yaw asked a question.
” madam, i really don’t understand why you’re giving out this money but i want to know the relationship between you and Franca”
” if you care to know, she is my client. Am Franca’s lawyer.”
She lied about it. The weather began to change as it was getting late into the night. It appeared that it was going to rain.
They then decided to let matters lie and continue some other time. As soon as they stepped out of the interior office to the reception, the rain began to fall. Yvonne requested that Yaw should join her so she could drop him off at his place since it was raining.
They both rushed to Yvonne’s car and sat in. The rain was so heavy that within the shortest time they were both wet.
Unfortunately, as Yvonne began to start her car, it didn’t respond. She tried several times but the situation remained the same. They then had no option but to go back to the office.
Again they rushed from the car and went straight into the office. At this moment all their cloths were dripping with rain water.
To be continued”