“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 9


“Who is Ray?”
Franca asked.
“His name keeps popping up in my mind but i don’t seem to remember his face nor anything, sis, did i know anyone by that name?” She asked.
Yvonne who was so lost in thoughts of Yaw was distracted by Franca’s story. She looked confused yet she was able to make a lie out of it.
“That’s very impressive, if this continues you will regain your memory in no time. You see, Ray was your boyfriend but you two broke up before he left to the States. ” Yvonne lied about it.
But somehow Franca was so eager to know more about Ray.
Yvonne was able to take her attention off. She decided to show her around the city before finally they got home.
Now, Yaw who was battling it out as to what to do with Yvonne after their unplanned sex which was lustfully sensational and simply fantastic wondered how to avoid Yvonne.
The best way to defend is to attack. Yaw took a decision to schedule a meeting with Yvonne and trash things out as matured adults.
He kept calling her line but no answer. Yvonne had left her phone at the office before she left to pick Franca from the hospital.
In as much as Yaw was so much in love with Franca, she had never returned that love to him before Franca’s attempted suicide.
Yaw was the type that believes in “Love goes where love is” noted by a famous Ghanaian musician Wutah. He believed that fate will one day bring them together but his lust has driven him into a deep pit.
He purely loved Franca but with Yvonne, it was just lust. He needed to solve this before it gets out of hand. After calling several times, he decided to go back to Yvonne’s office before its too late.
Not only for that reason, He also went to find out the where about of Franca and how she is faring.
Upon getting to the office he noticed that Yvonne’s car was not parked there indicating that she was not at the office.
As soon as he began to take his leave, He saw her driving towards the car park of the office.
Yvonne had noticed that she had left her phone at the office so she came back to the office with Franca to pick it up and continue with their city grooving.
Yvonne by then had not seen Yaw when she got out of the car with Franca.
Yaw saw them both and started yelling Franca’s name.
“Franca, Franca!” He called out.
Yvonne and Franca turned around and saw Yaw.
Franca kept staring at Yaw as he rushed towards them.
To be continued