Your Ladyship,
What’s your opinion on a wedding in a garden of Love lawns? 
What do you make of the idea of having our wedding at the Labadi Beach Resort and a 3-day preliminary honeymoon at the Holy Trinity Spa followed by a visit to 21 countries in 6 continents?
Before that, I would like you to help me understand why some of your sisters(other girls) pray for good men and when they get one, they do their best to let him go crazy?
Anyway, what do I care? I should be grateful to God you aren’t them.      That’s one of the reasons why you are the person I have been dreaming of all my life. To avoid any doubts, I promise you, we can both use my cell phone. You are permitted to read my messages and answer all of my calls.
I’m ready to trust you with my deepest secrets so long as you preserve those gorgeous petalic eyes of yours that are juicy as an Italian smoothie served in a 5-STAR Restaurant, exclusively for me to kiss.
Honey, eeerrmm…There is something I need to tell you……(short pause). 
I have a history which I promise to tell you in person in due time. Until then, don’t pay attention to naysayers and cynical critiques. Shut your ears to gossips because such individuals are not value adding catalysts. They subtract divide, and conquer.
Last night in my dream, I heard you singing “no kissing bae, no touching bae”. I know what that means and I promise to abide till I walk you down the aisle to the altar. Baby you gotta understand that you are my first and my last; my hung and my thirst. You are my heaven on earth and I will do anything to let it stay that way.
You are the most precious thing in my life. I fancy of the days when we will be together and spend all the beautiful nights, holding each other by the hand.
You have captivated my heart in the manner that I have no work left other than thinking and fantasizing.  Memories from my imaginations are invaluable treasures of my heart, secured in my soul. 
Time spent with you in my dreams have been the most mesmerizing and delights of my life. My tender love, my affectionate hug and my fond kisses are always with you.
I take this opportunity to ask – would you consider spending the rest of your life with me?
In the course of our marriage, I promise to commit into memory, significant dates. Anniversaries will installed to commemorate; your graduation day, your birthday, our children’s birthdays, your parents’ birthday, our wedding, our first meeting, first date and our first kiss.
To be continued…
#InspiredBy: dear future wife series 
#Author: Kwame Ernest Adu 
#Dedication:to all the women in my life
#PhotoCredit: Elorm Kosi Deklu  Deks Media Gh