Lets Play Cupid-Episode 11


A furious Gerald slams the door to Damien’s room shut, causing a frame hanging beside the wardrobe to drop, shattering. He goes to the table ignoring the frame and leans on it, his veins popping out and his anger evident in his red eyes, his chest heaving madly.
‘’Bastard!!! He wants to take everything about you away from me Damien, even your little memory he wants to soil it with his presence. He took you from me my son, if only you had listened to me from day one you would have been here with me, enjoying all of this with me, maybe he would have been the one at the bottom of the cliff dead instead of you. If only your mother hadn’t done what she did that boy wouldn’t have come into our lives..and when he did come, she refused to kill him in her womb, she refused and let that evil boy be born, causing a rift between us. So many times I wanted to ignore her pleas and beat him to his death, or kick him out in the cold so he freezes to death. So many times I wanted to get rid of him, signing the adoption forms so he would be taken away from us but your mother..your mother refused letting him stay, fighting for him to stay..
He sniffs “ How could I allow him..that boy be a part of me, how? All he has brought is nothing but bad luck, bad omen and pains to this family. If your mother had listened to me my sweet Damien, you would have been here. And you would have been, happy, a doctor, now all this is just an empty room, void of your laughter and warmth. You were my light and now that you are gone all I feel is pain and darkness and anger and hatred for that boy that took you away from me. I am so sorry I couldn’t make him pay..but that thing he so desires, he would never have it. I promise you Damien. I hate him so much sometimes I want to damn the consequences and run him over. At least with him dead I would have peace. But Thelma won’t let me. She judges me you know with her eyes, watching me as I fight with him, and she blames me. But she is wrong, she is at fault. She is. She —“
He sniffs into his hands “I can never forgive her and I can never stop hating that boy. Especially for taking away my only joy, my little miracle in this pain. I would never forgive him. Now, I have nothing but a dark hole in my heart and not a space for love, even for your mother. Maybe I am just counting the days before she goes, for I will give her that tiny respect because she gave me you, but when she is gone, then I would do what I want to that boy. No one would stop me and he won’t use the court as reason. Never again!!’’
“Sir?” Meredith knocks on the door “You have a call…”
Gerald cleans his eyes and then opens the door,” I would take it in my study, tell Richard to let the cleaners come in here to clean out the mess and then lock it up. I don’t want anyone in here and if I see anyone besides me or the helps, you can kiss your job goodbye” and with that he grabs the phone she must have picked up when it rang bringing it to him
‘’Yes Mr Senator, how are you?’’ she hears him in his study a few feet away from Damien’s room. Looking at the broken frames she goes to get the broom to clean it up, no need to worry some maid.
Who did he think he was to save her and then make her feel like shit. Did she ask him? Did she beg him? She was going to handle the situation..
When? Her mind pricks her
It doesn’t matter, she was at the verge of handling it, about that moment when he told her to get out of his house she was going to call his bluff to his face
Okay maybe she didn’t have it covered but it didn’t mean he had to step in and then make her feel like a fool, she didn’t ask for his help, such an arrogant big head, who does he think he is
Adam Pope!!! Her other-self says
Thank you, you are really quite helpful now get lost, she rolls her eyes
Your mother was right, your mouth would get you into trouble one day, now it looks as though your legs have too.
Oh shut up!!!
“Why are you talking to yourself?”’ Richard appears behind her, her room door was open, she was packing her things
“I wasn’t” she says, the raised eyebrow he gave her made her give a silly smile in return shaking her head
“Habit. Don’t you have those little voices in your head that keeps chiding you back and forth?”
He shakes his head
You are officially crazy Marybeth, even he thinks so too
“You are doing it again” he tells her, worry crossing his forehead
“Argh don’t mind me. Lead the way” she tells him “So where is Mr Gerald, I feel I should apologize to him for..the room. And by the way, what’s the big deal with the room, why was he so upset, why were both of them at each other’s throat because of a room, are they that possessive? Which of them is a doctor, I wonder with their stony hearts they can care for another I mean—
“Miss Stowe, I am afraid the rest of your days here won’t be a pleasant one. In one day you have managed to infuriate the men of the house twice, and I don’t think the third strike you would be lucky. Stop being curious, you do know that’s what killed the cat?”
“But I am no cat!!’’ she frowns
“Exactly! you should be more sensible. Stay out of the Pope’s business and you would be fine. I would take you to the cottage, Mr Gerald doesn’t want you in this side of the house, he has only allowed your access into the house to be restricted to the kitchen and Mrs Thelma’s room.”
“Argh if not for he simple fact that I need the money I would have told them to shove it into their ass and leave right now. What did he think, coming to my rescue and talking to me like that”
Richard laughs “Oh dear Miss Stowe you are quite the stubborn character, I would miss you when you leave”
“Sometimes, I have been called worse’’ she smiles
“You got under their skin, but don’t get comfortable. You are like weed, you would be mowed out without anyone batting an eye” And with that he leads her out of the house, down the garden , off the left side of the pool until they got to the cottage, then he knocks, smiling at her he walks away leaving her standing at the door.
Damnit!!!! Adam swore again when he saw who was standing at the door. Why in the Lord’s name did he say what he said in there.
He didn’t say it to save her and keep her job, he did it because his mother needed a nurse who would stay and care for her not random faces who came and left
Okay he did it because she seem to be someone other than him his father wasn’t happy about being around , and that made him want to defile his orders even more. At least the girl on her own was a walking time bomb, with a mouth that was loose, and the way she never backs down for a fight was admirable, even the way she attacked him in the kitchen and was going to attack his father even when his claws and fangs were all out, the scene almost made him laugh until his father thought he sent her.
He would never send a cat to a lion fight.
He is staring at her from the door, she couldn’t see him but he could see her fully.
Yes!! Let her sweat it out a bit.
He leaves the door and goes into his room, pops on the chair and then puts on the Tv, turning to Netflix to watch anything that looked important, when he was done then he would go and let her in.
She looked like trouble, maybe the sun out there would cool her hot-hotheadedness.