Lets Play Cupid-Episode 12


He had fallen asleep only to be woken up by a glass of cold water to his face, shaking the water out of his eyes in shock he is startled, abruptly sitting up, wiping his eyes he sees her standing over him, anger flashes in her eyes
It was no longer midday, it was dark outside.
He slept off and left her outside.
But what the hell? She came in to his house and dared to bath him with cold water from… he looks at his see- through fridge.
He stands up, his jaw flexing as he moves closer to her,

Marybeth swallows as she moves backwards.
Okay this wasn’t a very good idea when she thought about it.
When Richard had left her, she had been standing there for hours, sitting on the pavement after knocking on the door and no answer. Going back in to the house to check on Thelma and care for her, she couldn’t stay there more than necessary, going to the kitchen to eat she had left there almost immediately because she was asked to leave so that Mr Gerald doesn’t come down roaring and take out his anger on her and on others, she had come back to the cottage and kept knocking. It was late now and still the fool who she knew was around because Richard had told her he was, and the security said he hadn’t left the compound didn’t open up for her.
Which meant he was in there and ignoring her. And Richard had stopped her from going in without being invited. Something about Adam’s temper. Well she had a temper too.
Tired of sitting on the pavement, sweaty, hot and fatigued and her soft butts hurting she had thought to kick in the door, but her legs were made for tans not for kicking down doors, then she had thought of screaming out his name and then again, they would throw her out for disturbing the peace, then she thought of just inviting herself in.
And when she sees him, give him a piece of her mind. If he didn’t want her in his cottage then why did he open his mouth to challenge his father only to ignore her.
Reaching for the door she had realized it was open all along,
What the hell!!!
She grabbed her bag and stormed inside searching for the jerk. It was a small but cosy house, there were three doors and then a living room, one of the other doors was slightly open and she could see the tv on and his head
“oh hhhhhhh!!!’ she closed her fist boiling in anger as she rolled up her sleeves, he was going to have it now then she would take her bags and leave
She went  into room and stood in front of him, and guess what
The asshole was sleeping. He was sleeping.
‘’ohhhhhhhhh OH NOH!!!’’ she looked around her, use a pillow? No, won’t give the desired effect she needed. Use the baseball bat? Too painful. Water..ah water. She sighted a bottle of water on the table. Too warm.
She looks to the see- through fridge.
“I would just pour this very cold water on his face and when he gets up I am going to tell him how annoying he is, and tell him to shove his money up his rectum and I am out of this house, all of them here are crazy,. Crazy!!’’
But now, with the way he was staring at her, maybe her idea wasn’t exactly one of the best
Marybeth swallows again and begins to move back
“Do you have a death wish, are you mad!!!?’’ he is hovering over now, she seemed dwarfed when he rises to his full height
“I—I—you left me standing out there and…
“And what, you come into my house, take water from my fridge and you tip it’s cold contents on my face, are you a new definition of stupid or you are a new stupid stupid people aspire to be like?’’
Her back is to the wall now and he is close to her, she swallows and blinks a couple of times.
Don’t show fear, don’t show weakness. Be confident. She clears her throat.
“I wont have you insult me Mr Adam, you categorically stated that I can continue to do my job by staying in the cottage with you and you would take care of my necessary fees after making Mr Gerald kicked me out of his house—
“I did or your clumsy stupid curious self made that happen. “
‘’Well..it wasn’t on purpose”
‘’And you doing this to me is on purpose right?”

He is close to her face, she swallows
“Do you know how long I was there for, I am tired, I need a bath and I need to rest because taking care of your mother is tasking and I come back to be outside for hours and I find you asleep. Mr Adam-
“Oh you want to bath don’t you?”
She frowns “well ..yes but it was wrong for you to hear the knocks and leave me outside in the sun, and my tush hurts from the hard earth and my feet is swollen from wearing this shoes all day and “’
“Oh don’t worry nurse I can fix that” he has a fixed smile on his face walking away from her
“ wait what do you want to do?”
He ignores her and goes to his fridge, bringing out his bucket of ice and disappears from the room,
That’s it? That’s it!!
He was gone.
Phew!! She had thought he was going to scream her head out. Too much macho, no action
Piece of cake!!! She knows how to handle men like him. She was a woman who knows how to—

she screams as he grabs her flinging her over his shoulders and entering one of the rooms, her kicking and bellowing only rewarded her a slap to her tush
“Be quiet!!’ he orders
“PUT ME DOWN NOW MR ADAM” She struggles
Ignoring her for another few seconds she can see he had entered into another room
“what are you doing, where are you taking me to, PUT ME DOWN NOWWW!!!!!’’ she struggles
“As you wish!!” he dumps her into a bathtub filled with ice and cold water, fully clothly with her shoes, jewels and her purse
“Oh MY GOD!!!!’ she exclaims trying to get out of the cold water but he pushes her down with both hands ,staring down at her
“How is that for a bath for the scorching burn on your skin?”
“GET ME OUT, LET GO OFF ME GET ME OUT!!!’’ she screams struggling out of the tub but he pushes her down, she is beginning to shiver from cold and her teeths making shattering noises
“Women!! Never understand them. One minute they scream put me down and the next they scream get me out of here. Decide already!!!’’ he isn’t smiling
“You are a horrible person Mr Adams!!’’ she sobs “ its freezing let me out”
“I know, have you met my father, he calls me worse” before he straightens up he says to her
“Don’t you ever do that again because next time I won’t be nice. Your room would be the next available room, you stay out of my way and I stay out of yours. Your paycheck would be given to Richard at the end of every month. Do your job and stay out of my face Miss Stowe” and with that he leaves her walking away, she jumps out of the tub grabbing a towel she saw hanging and wraps herself to stop from shaking
“Dick!!!!!” she mutters staring at his retreating back
“I heard that” he says over his shoulders
She swallows again, praying he doesn’t turn and come back. He doesn’t. and she didn’t see him for the rest of the night.
She goes into the room after wiping herself dry, changes her cloths and falls asleep.
She leaves the cottage by 6am to go check on Thelma
“How was your night Marybeth, I hope Adam was a good host?” Meredith hands her Thelma’s food
“The devil, he is the devil” she says walking away
Meredith and Richard exchanges curious glances and suddenly they laugh shaking their head
“I have a feeling things are going to get interesting from now on” she looks to Richard who nods
“I believe so too. Let’s just hope it’s good and not bad” he says to her.
“Thelma..how are you?” Marybeth sits beside her, holding her hand
“Damien, is that you honey?” Thelma looks at her but through her
Who in God’s name was Damien? Marybeth is frowning