Lets Play Cupid-Episode 10


“For talking back to them, ya’all got to be kidding me. Are you like living here in fear, is that it?”
Richard is shaking his head “No, this family has been through a lot and it has changed them”
“Well I would like to know what that is, that is getting them act like jerks. Excuse my language” she smiles
“Let sleeping dogs lie Marybeth, because they bite when they wake. Just an advice”
And with that they leave her alone.
Well, she won’t be letting that dog sleep. She was going to get very cold icy sloushed water and tip its entire contents over its head.
Let’s see if it would bite or shattering its teeths in cold. And she was going to start with the less meaner Dog, Adam. Gerald seemed to look like a wolf, she laughs. Then she frowns, wolves had fangs. She shivers. Maybe she should just take their advice, she didn’t have a cure for scabies if beaten by a dog.
Shaking her head she continues to eat her food. but sometimes curiosity is one of her many default flaws.
At Midday, Thelma is taking a map, Marybeth decides to explore the entire house. It was a huge house , those kinds you see in magazines, beautiful garden and patio area. Rooms down the hall, through the window she could see a cottage sitting on either side of the house, she had seen Meredith come out of one when she had woken up this morning to get breakfast for Thelma, and she wonders who stays in the other further down. Exploring she finds a gallery area and a studio, intending to come back later she ventures further into the house, opening a door she comes into a room, curious she enters leaving the door open. It didn’t look as though anyone had been here for a long time but despite it looked clean, the bed was neatly made, posters of doctors on the wall, med books on shelves, a few awards in a showglass, keys, a baseball cap with the name “D’ inscribed on it. There were picture frames turned upside down, she sees cloths neatly hugged on the hanger in the see-through warddrop. It was a huge room, expensively furnished. It felt warm and cold at the same time, she hugs herself.
So one of the men was a doctor of some sort, she never asked details of the family from the hospital. Was it Gerald or Adam, wondering when they stopped looking mean to actually have a heart to care for another human.
Her bet would be on Adam, atleast she found him in his mother’s room, he was probably a doctor. Maybe all the hard austere front he puts up was a mask, he might be a jelly touchy bean inside, she chuckles reaching for the picture frame to turn it over, she drops it immediately to the ground shattering it as she heard that loud thunderous voice behind her,
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE??’’ Gerald’s eyes flashes a bright red
“I –I am sorry I was just—
He moves quickly towards her and grabs her by her hand squeezing hard, she winces in pain
‘’Mr Gerald you are hurting me, please let me go”
“Who told you to come in here, who asked you to..who the hell gave you permission to come into his room?’’
“i—I no one I was just looking and i..oww let me go”
He drags her out of his room forcefully not caring as she almost stumbled


Richard!!!” He thunders
Richard rushes in, Meredith follows behind him
“Sir Gerald!!’’ Richard looks at him, Marybeth was held painfully by her hand by Gerald, her face a mask of Curiosity and not fear. She was a strange girl, others would have been shitting in their pants and crying out
“Who let this trash into his room, who did?”’ he thunders, suddenly someone casually strolls into the room
“Was it you? Was it you huh!!! Because I forbade you you send this trash into the room eh boy??”!! he nudges Marybeth towards him, Adam is just staring
“Have you taken your meds yet Gerald? Because you seem to have missed it.”
“I asked you a damn question was it you that sent her in there, to do what huh, to finish what you started, to take the only peace and sanctuary left. You send this trash in there”
“wait hold up I would not be called trash Sir, I am sorry I went into the room but no one told me to nor was I sent, I was just exploring and the room was open and I went in there and—
“SHUT UP!!!!’’ Gerald thunders

“Boy, it was you right. Don’t you have any conscience. You want to take that from me too huh? I would kill you before you even try” his eyes filled with anger as he points to Adam who is frowning
“Look Gerald, I don’t know shit of what you are talking about, if you have a problem with the lady from lurking around places that she shouldn’t be in you should take it up with her, don’t assume every foul smelling shit is from my ass and I would go in there as much as I damn want and when I want and you won’t stop me’’
“Take one foot in there Boy and I swear I would cut it off” Gerald takes a step closer to his son
“Oh father, I would love to see you try” Adam knew calling him father would infuriate him further. Good! He was pissed already, his morning was already ruined by the stupid nurse and it looks like just a day here she was good at making trouble.
‘’I am not your father you bastard!!’’
“Yeah!!! Atleast, I don’t have to take any bullshit from you!!’’ Adam stands up to his full height, face to face with Gerald
Marybeth clears her throat “Time out fellas, is it just me or this house just became really hot I mean what’s the big deal, it’s just a room and-
“it’s not just a room – Adam began
“It’s not just a room, I warned you before. Get your things and get out. NOW!!!’’ he thunders
“Richard I want her out within the hour,” he says walking away
Adam looks at Marybeth as her mouth drops open, he didn’t pity her, people like her seem to cause trouble whereever they go, but then again, she seems to get on his father’s nerves and that pleased him strangely
“she ain’t going nowhere. She is staying.”
Gerald turns back slowly “What did you just say boy??’’
“oh you heard me!!!’’
Richard and Meredith shuffle on their feets, this wasn’t going to end well
“Young lady if you don’t leave my house I would-
‘’You would what Gerald. She is a nurse and she is taking care of my mother , your wife. She isn’t going anywhere “ he turns to Marybeth whose mouth is still hanging open

“You are not going anywhere”
“You would not undermine my authority, I am footing her bills and she is leaving my house. I would get another nurse” he says angrier
“Fine. I would foot the bills and I won’t put my mother’s health above your ego and you want her to leave the house fine, she stays in the cottage with me but she is going to take care of my mother and I have a right over her care or I would fight you on this in court for negligence of a sick woman”
“You little shit, I would teach you-“ Gerald grabs his belt
“You forget I am a man now Gerald” Adam stays his ground. In anger Gerald walks away thundering to the room, enters and slams the door, they hear something break
Marybeth turns to Adam,
“Thank you really I am-
“Not another word. I didn’t dothis for you so you better shut up and go do your job. “ he walks away leaving her lost for words.
What the hell was wrong with this family? She wonders
Adam is standing in his mother’s room and wondering why the hell he just did that,
DAMNIT!!! He swears
He knew he was going to regret it