Lets Play Cupid-Episode 9


‘’Goodmorning Mr Adam’’ Richard says to him as Adam comes into the kitchen, showered.
“Morning Richard, and how many times have I told you to quit putting the Mr when you call me, I am old enough to be your son Richard”
‘’Your family is paying the bills Sir, “
‘’It doesn’t matter none Richard”
Richard nods, Adam has always been humble and selfless, but it won’t mean he should listen to him.
“Goodmorning Sir, would you have breakfast now?” Meredith, the chef comes into the kitchen carrying fresh baked bread, stuffed cooked chicken and baked beans
“Sure, it depends. Is the old Bat around?  I don’t want to have to puke all over his face when he starts with his baseless talks’’ Adam takes a seat, thanking Richard with a nod when he hands him a mug of coffee
Meredith and Richard smiled, being in the family for a couple of years they too had had their own fair share of the constant banter between father and son, not knowing the bone of contention between them other than they shared a level of hatred towards each other and as the years went by, the intense it got. They had long concluded that it was more than just father and son squabbles, this hatred ran deep and the one thing they could come up with as the cause of their hatred towards each other was the fact that in August, 5 years ago , The Popes had lost their son, and Adam was driving. It was an accident, police closed the case. It made Mrs Pope sicker unpon hearing the news, she got paralyzed from the shock and trauma, bed ridden for that long, sometimes coherent and other times not. And Gerald, he was a different matter, he called his son a Murderer amongst other things and another was a Bastard, and they too never understood why. They tried as much as possible to stay out of their fights, those who came between them lived to regret it. Like they say, if you can’t stand the heat, don’t stand close to the fire
“He hasn’t come down yet Sir” Meredith sets to setting the table for him
“Oh, nice. At least I would have peace for another hour or so, see mother and go back to the cottage before he comes down crying wolf” Adam says delving into the plate of food before him
‘’You shouldn’t talk about your father that way” Marybeth says coming into the kitchen, she notices his shoulder tense
Oh crap Marybeth, don’t you just don’t shut up!! She chides herself
“I see you just like to butt in during discussions miss…?’’
‘’Its Marybeth Sto–
“I really don’t care Miss Stowe!!’’
Oh so he did rememeber her last name. Nice retentive memory for a rude man
‘’I wasn’t butting in, I came into the kitchen to have breakfast, I was told I would be fed while I am working here and I happened to overhear you calling your father a Wolf, that isn’t a nice thing to say you know… I mean he is your father is it not and—
“Do you say everything you think , I mean do you actually just shut up and see that not everyone is interested in what’s coming out of your mouth Miss Stowe” Adam sounded irritated.

So despite having to deal with his annoying father he now has to deal with a nurse who is despicably annoying and good at butting in when she isn’t needed. What? He won’t be surprised if she and Gerald were related. Speaking of surprises, He was surprised that she was still here. Gerald never allows strangers or workers raise their voice at him and she had definitely touched a chord when she told both of them to shut up, literally last night. He figured by now she would have been kicked out and another replacement on their way. It was always usually the case.
‘’That was really quite rude, I was just saying that—
“Again don’t think. Stop talking please. I am trying to enjoy a little peace and silence.” Adam cuts her, she was ready to reply with a hot retorts on her lips, but her eyes catches movement, it’s the Butler shaking his head and mouthing “Don’t!!’’
What, were everyone meant to be quiet and act stupid and submissive in this house because they work here. Can’t someone tell them they are wrong when they are.
Oh Mr, I am not one of your usual nurses nor intend to be a gullible stupid worker under your roof, you spew bullshit to my face and if it hurts my feelings, I would spit fire. She says to herself
But today, she would live to fight another day. She was hungry and she hadn’t had a decent meal for hours
There is a brief silence as the Meredith places a plate of food infront of Marybeth and gives her a smile, Marybeth manages a ‘thank you’.
Putting food into her mouth, she moans “Oh my God this is pure heaven ma’am” she says
Meredith laughs ‘’Please call me Meredith, Marybeth is it?’’
Marybeth nods “ Yes. Marybeth Stowe in the flesh, only child of my parents, God bless their poor souls”
‘’Oh dear, how sad. I am so sorry” Meredith places a hand over Marybeth’s
Marybeth smiles at her ‘’Thank you, it’s been a couple of years now so it’s okay.”
“How did they die?” Richard sits beside her, Meredith takes the other chair and Adam was wondering at what point did it become a pity party, his food suddenly becomes stale in his mouth. What was she, some ‘’Child seeking attention? It was making his tummy turn
“Mum died of cancer and dad, his dear old heart couldn’t handle the void and he went soon after her. You see, they gave birth to me at a very old age so, by 18 years old I was on my own, doing two to three jobs trying to make ends meet, surviving to go through school and I was lucky I finished, got into nursing school. But I have been on my own though, then when I got the call to come to the Pope’s residence for an in-nurse services I took it because it’s a case I am quite familiar with, 4 years and counting in Nursing.”
Adam rolls his eyes, why was he still sitting here and listening to her boring story
“Aww you are a fighter Marybeth. Not many girls are like you, an orphan and still fighting and pushing. It’s commendable” Meredith smiles
“My daughter should be your age, she is studying Tech and Mech out in the county”
‘’Oh Really, how nice. I am sure she would be awesome”
Adam clears his throat, “When you all are done with your pity party can you send something for mother to eat?’’
“she has already had breakfast” Marybeth talks between mouthfuls
“I wasn’t talking to you”
‘’Well I was just trying to answer your question’’
“Well.. you shouldn’t speak when not spoken to” he attacks her
“And you shouldn’t talk down at someone just because you live in a big house and you think you are lord”
“Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me that way?” he frowns turning to her, Meredith and Richard exchange glances
“Oh jezz, is that what the trump card the men in this house use ‘who the hell do I think I am blab la bla’? I am no one obviously but I would not be talked down , shouted on neither would I be bullied into submission just because you live in a fancy house and your father is master”
‘’Don’t call him my father” he leans into her, anger flashes in his eyes
“Well ..it seems both of you are good at denying obviously. And I am curious as to why is that” she replies
He stares at her with hard eyes “That’s none of your business”
‘’Ofcourse it’s not. But if you don’t want it to be anybody’s business, then you both had better stop waving it for the whole world to see, I mean he didn’t waste time to say it last night and neither are you right now!!’’
‘’if you know what is good for you, you would do what you are here for and which is to take care of my mother and then you stay out of my face” with that he gets up and leaves, his muscles flexing
Arrogant and Rude!! She concluds
“Phew!! How do you guys manage with two hot blooded men in this house. No wonder Mrs Thelma gets panicky, all through last night with their voices raised she was having those scared looks and her face was a mask of everything inbetween and it just screamed wrong. If I were her, I would definitely run out of my mind too” she shakes her head
“should I give you an advice? I think you are a nice girl but it would be better for you to not provoke the Mr’s of the house. Adam may not be as hot temptered like his father but when he gets angry it matches Geralds, and Gerald is worse. So just take care of the Mrs and stay off their business, I would hate to see you out on the streets before you can blink and they would take it up with the hospital not to give you another recommendation letter, trust me I know.”
“What?’’ Marybeth could not believe her ears